The well know Ratch-e-tarp has proved to be a hay tarp winner for the hay producers Australia wide. Many are using the Polytex Ratch-e-tarp to cover and protect their hay stacks quickly & securely.


Ideal Hay Stack Size

The Ratch-e-tarp hay covers 1 bale wide (2.4m) by 10 bales long (12m). When hay stacks are constructed 4 to 5 bales high it makes it an ideal ‘truck load stack’.

Time Saving Install on Hay Tarps

The Polytex Ratch-e-Tarp is a time saving innovation that saves time and maximises protection by utilizing webbing and ratchets for fast installation and a secure tarpaulin.

A Secure Fit

Eyelet tie downs are not enough to secure hay tarps against wind damage. The Polytex Ratch-e-Tarp keeps the hay tarpaulin tight and secure using minimum tie downs to do so.




Polytac Repair Tape

Accidents happen... have Polytac repair tape for easy in the field repair of your ratch-e-tarp.