The versatility of polyethylene fabric!

At Polytex, we recognise the versatility of polyethylene fabric. This is why we weld this material seamlessly for creating building lining and covers of all shapes and sizes. Manufacturers of polyethylene fabric add polyethylene to a base of polyester or nylon mesh for creating these durable materials. This fabric is both robust and durable. In addition, it doesn’t stretch either. Moreover, it can resist cuts and tears too. This is why we utilise this fabric for creating a variety of tarps, which are ideal for use as poultry curtains or cattle shade structures.

Farmers often require cost effective storage solutions. This is especially so during the harvest season. As a result, they will need to insulate their warehouses and storage facilities. Polytex provides tarps that make ideal building liners for these facilities. For this, we place a filler material on one side of the fabric, with a layer of polyethylene sealing this material inside. Thereafter, we fix the building lining over aluminium or steel cladding for minimising the loss of heat.

These tarps can easily reduce your power consumption levels for keeping your premises warm. At the same time, they are more cost effective than several traditional insulation methods too. In addition, our tarps are easy to clean and maintain. Moreover, they can resist the growth of moulds and mildew, which makes them very hygienic too. When you consider that these tarps offer comprehensive levels of protection from dust, water and wind, you get an all-weather solution for a fraction of the cost of a permanent structure. This is why it’s hardly surprising that many farmers across the country use these tarps as livestock shade structures or pig shelters.

Quality Tarps Are a Boon for the Agricultural Industry

Polytex Tarpaulins is a leading supplier of high-quality tarpaulin products in Australia. Our bunker tarps and other products are suitable for use in a wide range of business sectors. In particular, many commercial enterprises and industries – especially those in the construction and mining sectors – utilise our products for fulfilling a myriad of requirements.

Many factories and industries need to comply with various regulatory norms concerning the control of dirt and dust levels. As such, they use our products as industrial grade curtains. When used as factory dividers, these tarps enable business owners to contain fumes, debris and dust within specific compartments in their facilities. Hence, other work compartments in the facility can work without facing any inconveniences.

Similarly, the regulatory authorities place a high premium on food manufacturing companies. For instance, these factories need to keep their facilities free from pests and rodents. To eliminate this risk, many factory owners use grain bunker tarps as industrial grade curtains.

Our Quality is our commitment !

Whether you need eco shelters or pig shelters, ensure that you make your purchases only from Polytex Tarpaulins. Established in the 1990s, we have a collective experience of more than 50 years. We specialise in offering tarps to a wide range of industries in Australia. In addition, we supply an assortment of acoustic noise control screens as well. Get the best protection for your produce with Polytex tarps. For more details, call us at 1300 059 003.

The ultimate Polytex shelter covers

Our tarps can keep the moisture away from your crops. Moreover, they provide ample protection from various rodents too.  Polytex tarps are invaluable because they can successfully meet any changes in your future requirements with minimal fuss.

Some of our most popular grain tarp products comprise:

  • Bird Control Netting: This diamond profile netting enables you protect your investment from bird attacks
  • Bunker Covers: Comprising harvest grain covers and ground sheets, these keep your grains protected from the elements
  • Bunker Wall Systems: These pre-cast concrete bunker sides provide strong and stable walls that will last for several years
  • Ground Sheets: When used with Polytex grain bunker systems, these sheets will help you eliminate the twin problems of grain loss and contamination effortlessly

Our high-quality tarps !

Our high-quality tarps are exceedingly versatile and durable. As such, they will meet all the requirements of people engaged in mining, agriculture and industrial work. Moreover, they are a boon to farmers when it comes to keeping the livestock comfortable. In addition to tarps, we manufacture blinds, tarpaulin covers and liners designed especially for the poultry and piggery industries as well. As such, whether you require tarps for use as livestock shade structures or as hay tarps, we have products that will suit you admirably.

Grain bunker tarps are cost effective ways for storing your grain on-site very quickly. Oftentimes, farmers think of constructing permanent shelters for storing their crops. However, these permanent shelters will involve spending a considerable amount of money. In addition, they do not offer as much flexibility as poly tarps typically do.

Using tarpaulins for securing your agricultural produce helps farmers overcome any delays in harvesting. In many cases, using tarps helps in eliminating backlogs. In addition, grain farmers can use tarps for holding on to their produce if the prices are low, until the situation becomes more favourable

Obtain the Best Grain Tarps to Meet Your On-Site Grain Storage Needs

Quite a large number of people across the country rely on tarpaulins for meeting an assortment of needs. It is always good to have a tarp on hand because you can easily use them in a number of situations. Some people use tarpaulins for keeping their vehicles protected from the elements. Factory owners use tarps for keeping their machinery and equipment safe. In many cases, they could use tarps as factory dividers too,

In the agricultural sector, farmers often use tarps for keeping their livestock comfortable. Tarps made of polyethylene make ideal cattle shade structures and poultry curtains. They serve to keep the animals comfortable, regardless of the conditions that prevail outside. Similarly, these tarps are useful as grain bunker tarps too. When you want to secure your produce from the elements and various rodents, poly tarps can be your best recourse.

Because they must offer superlative levels of protection from the elements in particular, the tarps you purchase must be high in quality. Only then will they offer the best value for your money. After all, you would not want to keep spending money on purchasing new tarps every few months or so. This is why it’s best to source your tarps from the premier supplier of big tarpaulins in Australia i.e. Polytex Tarpaulins.

The best shelter covers you can buy !

When you need the best shelter covers or bunker tarps, depend on a reputed supplier of quality tarps. Polytex Tarpaulins is a top supplier of big tarpaulins throughout the country. Our tarps are widely in use in various industrial, mining and agricultural businesses. We manufacture all our tarps using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in our factories. All our factories have ideal locations, situated as they are close to the hub of various freight lines. This enables us to offer Australia-wide delivery very quickly.

Therefore, the next time you want to safeguard your agricultural produce, think of us. Click here to view the hay tarps we manufacture.

Our grain bunker tarps !

Many farmers often find themselves having to erect permanent structures for storing their hay and crops. This typically involves a considerable amount of expense. Moreover, it does not give you the desired levels of flexibility to meet your changing requirements either. For instance, you might construct a grain bunker in one area on your farm. But, the following year, you might need the structure in another area. To resolve this situation, you would need to build another structure on the new location. But if you’re short of cash, this might hardly be viable.

Our grain bunker tarps provide you with the most effective solution for your changing needs. You do not need to waste money needlessly in erecting permanent bunkers. Our tarps can keep your produce safe from the elements at all times. Moreover, installing them is not cumbersome either. Above all though is the fact that you can use these tarps at your convenience – for long-term or short-term durations.

Hay tarp Safety

Several farmers across the country grow hay for a variety of reasons. During the harvest season, many farmers leave the hay out in the open. In fine weather, this might be worthwhile. But, the hay could incur damage once it starts accumulating moisture. The accumulation of moisture on hay results in the growth of fungus. Unsurprisingly, damaged hay will hardly offer a good value for all the efforts you placed in cultivating it. As a result, you could sustain severe losses in your business. Moreover, it could damage your reputation as a provider of choice hay in the market as well.

To counter this, many farmers use Polytex tarps for keeping their hay and other agricultural produce safe from the elements. Hay tarps can keep your produce safe from the damage caused by moulds and moisture. We manufacture these waterproof tarps in such a way that they are ideal for outdoor use. Moreover, these tarps provide comprehensive protection from the rains, the snow and the wind as well.

Are You Looking for Factory Dividers?

However, in order to maximise these benefits, you will need to have quality factory dividers made from quality fabrics and with excellent craftsmanship. It is here where we can help. We have a range of fabrics walls which can be used as partition systems and dividers that meets all of the above benefits – from noise reduction to dust and air control. We can also customise them with vision panels and flaps if your factory requires it. We have the capabilities to design and manufacture your divider curtains at competitive prices and with quick turn-around time. Our products have been used in many applications, from eco shelters to poultry curtains and more, and have gathered a significant number of customers over the years – and we would like you to be part of that growing community. So if you need curtain dividers for your factory, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1300 059 003