Privacy and Security Solution

Another benefit of divider curtains is for privacy as they can be used as shelter covers. Work places are supposed to be work places, and should be limited to personnel and staff only. However, there will be times when other people might be walking into your factory for a variety of reasons. For one, a potential client might walk in to talk to you, or a potential investor might want to see the facilities first before making their decision. Here, a divider curtain can be beneficial.

For one, it will offer some privacy for areas which you do not want them to see maybe because you are working on a sensitive project at the moment. A divider curtain is great for sectioning off these areas and keeping your project secrets secured. You can also use factory dividers to hide unsightly areas of the factory. You can have graphically designed curtain walls that will distract the attention of your guests and keep them from noticing the unappealing side of the business (say for instance, in a meat manufacturing factory where animal carcasses are being cleaned and the entrails and other similar matters are quite disturbing sights.)

Sanitary Purposes

Dirt and dust are common among factories and warehouses, even in the food industry where everything is supposed to be spic and span. Factories in the manufacturing business though, suffer more from these pollutants. For instance, a furniture factory will have wood shavings, sawdust, and other debris flying around the place. In a metal fabrication company on the other hand, particles from welding machines and sanding equipment are known pollutants. In addition to these, there is also the fumes coming from paints and oils that are floating in the air, which can be dangerous when inhaled. Moving motors like forklifts and the constant walking around of your personnel will cause the dust to fly into the air as well, and be transported to the other room. This is where factory dividers can help. Not only will they provide a great divider for sectioning your workplace, but they can also be used to keep dirt and dust from entering the area.

Industrial grade curtains like those used as grain bunker tarps and hay tarps are also great at keeping away pests from infiltrating and infesting your workplace, a very important consideration for factories that manufacture food and foo related products. Many factories have holes and openings where insects like flies, ants, or even rodents can enter. They may not be around during normal working hours, but they will surely leave some signs like fecal matters or droppings. When health inspectors arrive and see any sign of pest infestation, this will surely result in a failed sanitary inspection and may even lead to the closure of the said factory. But such infestation is not only limited to factories operating in the food industry. In the textile industry for instance, moths may enter and bore holes on the cloth and fabrics, which will render them unsellable. This will then result to lost profits for the company.

More importantly though are the health risks that are associated with these insects and rodents. Many of them will surely be carrying some form of bacteria or germs that can contaminated your products, and put your health, that of your personnel, as well as any customer who purchases the product at risk. Using chemical solutions may be able to help solve the problems, but divider curtains can help to add further protection for your factory and products. They are durable enough to prevent flies and mosquitos from entering the facility making them not only great factory dividers but as bunker tarps as well.

Noise Reduction Features

Noise is a common problem in many factories. Operations usually start in the early mornings and go on ‘til night. Some factories even operate for 24 hours. Throughout those hours, it is normal for loud equipment and  machines to be running. Many factories are also composed of several working departments, many of which will be using some sort of machines that emit sounds. In these cases, these loud (and often irritating) noises can have a distracting and overwhelming effect on the employees and personnel, which can also have an effect on their productivity and their focus.

If your factory makes use of such equipment, it is very important that you do everything possible in order to help reduce the noise, not only for their productivity’s sake, but also for their health because constant exposure to noise can have detrimental effects on an individual’s hearing and stress levels. And even ear plugs are not always the best solution since they’ve been found to cause permanent muffled hearing over time. Still though, ear plugs are one solution, but in order to further reduce the noise, consider installing factory dividers on your factory. Specially crafted divider curtains can help to muffle the sounds coming the machines located on the other side of the facility. They are capable of absorbing sound waves and can greatly reduce the sound volume. This sound muffling feature is sure to be a welcome relief to you and your personnel.

Benefits of Installing Factory Dividers

Factories and warehousing facilities are some of the busiest workplaces around, with people constantly walking around and machines continuously operating. These things though, also brings forth several issues for the facility. For one, there’s the noise that comes from the machine and equipment, and not to mention the staff hollering orders and instructions at each other. Then there’s the problem with dirt and dust entering the facility from the outside or created by the factory’s production line. Lastly, there’s the issue of people, authorised or unauthorised, coming in and out of the building, exposing your factory or warehouse’s operations to scrutinising eyes and even contamination. Whatever your line of industry may be, whether you’re in the food industry, metal fabrication, textile, or any other field for that matter, your factory or warehouse is bound to experience one or all of the above mentioned problems. There are certain ways to solve these though, and one of the best solutions can be found with factory dividers.
Factory dividers have been around for quite a while now, and their use is a growing trend among many factories and warehouses nationwide. Their popularity can be attributed to the growing awareness of industrial property owners regarding their advantages and how they can help solve many of the challenges that their businesses face. They can be customised to suit your company or brand’s colours and perfect for low or tall factories, but aside from these, there are many other benefits that can be enjoyed from these installations.

Polytex Covers !

Many businesses throughout Australia use our polyfabric covers as:

  • Thermal Covers: These are ideal for preventing the loss of heat. As such, they are ideal for use in pig shelters. In addition, some people use them as insulating covers for heated swimming pools as well. These covers are lightweight and easy to store. So, all you need to do is to roll them up and put them away during the warmer months.
  • Machinery Covers: When you want to prevent dust from accumulating and damaging your machines, consider using these covers. Constructed from polyfabrics, these covers can prevent your machines from rusting. In addition, we can make customised covers for machinery of all shapes and sizes. Our machinery and shelter covers can prolong the life of your expensive machines and equipment. This is especially when you won’t be using these machines for extended stretches of time.
  • Composting Covers: Farmers use these covers for preventing the compost from drying out. Polyfabric is the top material of choice in this scenario. It can shed water easily. It is lightweight and easy to use outdoors also. Above all though, it is ideal for maintaining the appropriate levels of heat and humidity necessary for composting. As such, it can help in speeding up the process. At the same time, it can help in facilitating uniform decomposition too.
  • Grain Bunker Tarps: These are ideal for storing large volumes of grain cost effectively. Many farmers spend a fortune in building or renting large storage or warehousing facilities for safeguarding their produce. These tarps can protect your produce safe from insects, the elements and all kinds of pests too.

Grain bunker tarps !

Our grain bunker tarps provide you with the most effective solution for your changing needs. You do not need to waste money needlessly in erecting permanent bunkers. Our tarps can keep your produce safe from the elements at all times. Moreover, installing them is not cumbersome either. Above all though is the fact that you can use these tarps at your convenience – for long-term or short-term durations.

When you need the best shelter covers or bunker tarps, depend on a reputed supplier of quality tarps. Polytex Tarpaulins is a top supplier of big tarpaulins throughout the country. Our tarps are widely in use in various industrial, mining and agricultural businesses. We manufacture all our tarps using state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment in our factories. All our factories have ideal locations, situated as they are close to the hub of various freight lines. This enables us to offer Australia-wide delivery very quickly.

Therefore, the next time you want to safeguard your agricultural produce, think of us

Hay tarps can keep your produce safe from the damage !

Several farmers across the country grow hay for a variety of reasons. During the harvest season, many farmers leave the hay out in the open. In fine weather, this might be worthwhile. But, the hay could incur damage once it starts accumulating moisture. The accumulation of moisture on hay results in the growth of fungus. Unsurprisingly, damaged hay will hardly offer a good value for all the efforts you placed in cultivating it. As a result, you could sustain severe losses in your business. Moreover, it could damage your reputation as a provider of choice hay in the market as well.

To counter this, many farmers use Polytex tarps for keeping their hay and other agricultural produce safe from the elements. Hay tarps can keep your produce safe from the damage caused by moulds and moisture. We manufacture these waterproof tarps in such a way that they are ideal for outdoor use. Moreover, these tarps provide comprehensive protection from the rains, the snow and the wind as well.

Many farmers often find themselves having to erect permanent structures for storing their hay and crops. This typically involves a considerable amount of expense. Moreover, it does not give you the desired levels of flexibility to meet your changing requirements either. For instance, you might construct a grain bunker in one area on your farm. But, the following year, you might need the structure in another area. To resolve this situation, you would need to build another structure on the new location. But if you’re short of cash, this might hardly be viable.

Quality Hay Tarpaulins Provide Ideal Levels of Protection

Commonly used in cattle shade structures and poultry curtains, tarpaulins are incredibly versatile products. Many people throughout Australia use tarps for keeping their vehicles safe from the elements. The agricultural industries rely on tarps for safeguarding crops and other produce. Farmers often use tarps for keeping their cattle and livestock safe from the elements. These tarps are invaluable because they tend to eliminate all unwanted airflows within the production areas. As such, they minimise the consumption of energy. In addition, they contribute towards enhancing the growth environment as well.

Given their manifold requirements, many businesses typically rely on Polytex Tarpaulins for obtaining high-quality tarps. We supply tarps designed especially for the poultry and pork industries. From pig shelters to livestock shade structures, our tarps provide ample levels of protection for your livestock.

In addition, we meet the agricultural and industrial requirements for quality tarps throughout the country too. Besides tarps, we specialise in the manufacture of blinds, liners and tarpaulin covers that serve a myriad of purposes. This is why we’re Australia’s leading provider of tarps today. Our tarps make for ideal eco shelters and factory dividers, among other things.

Poultry curtains !

Whether you require poultry curtains or hay tarps, you need to purchase your tarps from a premium supplier. Polytex is a major supplier of tarpaulins for agricultural, industrial or mining-related requirements. We specialise in fabricating long, large covers. In addition, we offer bulk production runs for an assortment of applications as well. In fact, we can manufacture over 15,000 square metres of tarps each day. So, the next time you need affordable and durable tarps for protecting your crops or machines, think of us. Call us at 1300 059 003 to share your requirements today.

Use Less Energy and Control Air Temperatures More Efficiently With Rollup Tarpaulin Doors For Poultry Sheds

Polytex Tarpaulins is constantly innovating and working on new products to help their clients businesses become more efficient, by using Polytex products. Tarpaulin Rollup Doors is a great product to help seal the doors on poultry sheds, maintain temperature and eliminate unwanted air movements. This is a cost effective simple way to stop rain, wind and heat coming through the cracks in the doors. The Rollup Door system is used extensively across a large number of poultry sheds across Australia. The Rollup Door is fixed to the shed by a Sail track running across the top and a zipper system down the side which locks it into place. Rollup Doors is just one of the many successful products Polytex manufactures for the Poultry Industry.