Cattle shade structures !

When you need the best cattle shade structures or pig shelters, you need products that offer the best quality. At Polytex, we manufacture superior products at our purpose-built factories using state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures. Situated in the Riverina, our factories lie at the hub of Australia’s freight lines between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. As such, we offer our clients Australia-wide delivery that is prompt and cost effective. Call us on 1300 059 003 to find out more .

Polytex! The Hay tarp specialists.

If you’re growing hay in your fields, then you need to ensure that you have the best storage facilities. If left exposed to the elements, moisture could start accumulating. For instance, rain could dampen your hay, resulting in the growth of fungus. This is why farmers need to keep their hay safe from the snow and the rain. In addition, they need to provide adequate protection from the wind as well.

To help farmers protect their hay from the elements, Polytex offers a comprehensive solution at cost effective rates. Our hay tarps offer ample protection from harsh weather conditions. It is worth noting that hay tarps are quite different from the regular tarps that people typically use. Designed for long-term outdoor use, these tarps are waterproof and mildew resistant. Thus, they can keep your produce free from moisture and mildew, while preventing any damage that moisture and moulds can cause. Moreover, the material we use for making these tarps also provides protection from the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Many farmers rely on our polytarps and shelter covers for covering their bales of hay. This minimises, if not eliminates, the need to spend money in constructing temporary or permanent shelters for the hay. Once you construct a permanent structure, you narrow your choices. For instance, you could find yourself having to use the same structure in the following season, even though you require the structure in another spot in your fields.

By using polyethylene bunker tarps, you can prevent your hay from rotting because of moisture and dampness. In addition, you can prevent insects from consuming the hay too. Farmers typically use the following products for keeping their hay secure.

  • The Sleeved Hay Tarp: This tarp minimises wind damage by securing the covers to the larger haystack. It features a welded sleeve edge, into which farmers insert a one-inch metallic pipe to protect the tarp against wind flaps.
  • The Ratch-e-Tarp: Renowned throughout Australia, this tarp offers the best protection for your hay.

From Eco shelters to poultry curtains Polytex Has the solution !

Over the years, Polytex Tarpaulins has become the go-to supplier of premium tarpaulins throughout the country. We manufacture a comprehensive variety of tarpaulins, blinds, tarpaulin covers and liners. From eco shelters to poultry curtains, we have it all. This is why agricultural, industrial, commercial and construction-based business enterprises rely on us whenever they require the best tarpaulins in Australia.

If you’re growing hay in your fields, then you need to ensure that you have the best storage facilities. If left exposed to the elements, moisture could start accumulating. For instance, rain could dampen your hay, resulting in the growth of fungus. This is why farmers need to keep their hay safe from the snow and the rain. In addition, they need to provide adequate protection from the wind as well. To find out more Please free to call  us on 1300 059 003

Protect Your Crops with Our Premium Hay Tarps

Businesses spanning many sectors utilise tarps for a variety of purposes nowadays. Some businesses use PVC tarps as wall and factory dividers. These are ideal for areas requiring partitioning systems and enclosures. People in the cattle and dairy industries use tarps in their cattle and livestock shade structures. These retractable shade sails serve to enhance production levels, while easing herd heat loads.

However, many farmers throughout Australia widely use tarpaulins for protecting their crops from the elements. These high-quality grain bunker tarps keep the farmer’s produce safe, without requiring the farmers to spend enormous amounts of money in constructing shelters – temporary or permanent – for storing their crops.

High quality hay tarps !

For years, Polytex has earned renown throughout the country for its high quality hay tarps and factory dividers. However, we also offer other useful products for the poultry industry. Some of our most popular offerings include:

Brooder Curtains: These fully welded items come in a range of sizes. A two-part curtain enables farmers to keep the top section in place for acting as an air-control baffle. These poultry curtains also feature access doors, reinforced feeder & drink-line exits, lifting sleeves etc.
Cool Cell Covers: These specialised zipper covers restrict the airflow in cooler months. This helps in maintaining peak production levels.
Thermal Fabrics: Ideal for providing extra insulation in shelter covers, you could use these as side blinds, fan covers etc.
Door Seals: Many farmers use these anti-draft rollup door deals for sealing off shed doors in negative pressure sections. This eliminates the entry of cold drafts in temperature-controlled areas.

Polytex uses the latest manufacturing equipment for delivering high quality products with prompt delivery times. Located in the hub of freight lines from QLD to SA, our factories can churn out high production runs of tarps for your requirements. So, whether you need grain bunker tarps or other products, purchase the best items from Polytex.

Polytex custom made trucking and machinery covers !

Many transporters throughout the country rely on Polytex for procuring the best custom made trucking and machinery covers. We specialise in producing bulk runs of specific covers and truck tarps. Some of our most popular products include trucking rollovers, rollback covers and replacement trucking covers.

We use 900 GSM Spread Coat Panama Weave PVC for all our tarps. These offer a three year limited ultraviolet warranty. In addition, they fire retardant as well. Furthermore, they come with fully welded hems, wear strips etc. similar to our bunker tarps and hay tarps.

It is worth noting that if the load in your dump truck is less than 12 inches from the edge of the truck, you will need a tarp. Securing these tarps in place is vital. This is especially so because tarps often experience wind whip that could result in tears. Dump trucks typically have automatic mechanisms for adding tarps. Therefore, all you need to do is to attach the tarp and let the truck’s function put it in place.

Grain bunkers and eco shelters are often useful throughout the year. However, flatbed trucks might not need a tarp always. However, these trucks often feature flaps on both sides of the tarp. This makes it easier to secure the tarp around the load. It is worth noting that if you want to avoid exposing your cargo to water or moisture, you will need a quality tarp.

At Polytex, we produce each tarpaulin with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment. Located in the hub of freight lines from Queensland to South Australia, our factories manufacture and supply dam liners, pig shelters, factory dividers etc. to various businesses throughout the country. To protect your livestock and agricultural produce in a cost effective manner, call us at 1300 059 003.

Secure Your Cargo with Top Quality Truck Tarpaulins from Polytex Tarps

Generally, business employ trucks for transporting their wares from one location to another. While on the road, it is possible that large and small materials can fly out of the back of the truck and result in the loss of cargo. It is possible that these materials could hit or injure oncoming motorists, in addition to littering the sides of the roads. To minimise the possibility of these events occurring, transporters often use tarpaulins.

It’s always best to purchase the best quality tarps in Australia. This is why many industries make their purchases from Polytex Tarpaulins. We’re among the leading suppliers of tarps for cattle shades and poultry supplies in Australia.

Truck transporters often need an effective tarp to keep the materials secure. This is especially so if they’re carrying gravel or trash. Securing a tarp around a load in a pickup truck is hardly difficult. However, for dump and flatbed trucks, you need to secure the tarp in a specific manner. This enables you to eliminate the menace of wind whips. The value of our tarps makes businesses throughout Australia rely on us for providing the best tarps for use in cattle shade structures and shelter covers

Polytex Eco Shelters !

When it comes to providing high quality welded fabric products designed to meet the specialised requirements for the piggery industry, Polytex Tarpaulins is the name to bank on. For years, we have produced custom designed eco shelters. Our shelter covers enable installers to minimise their installation times significantly. In addition, they facilitate the easier tensioning of covers as well.

Tarpaulin covers and hay bales are often ideal for constructing temporary piggery shelters. These shelters keep your livestock adequately protected from the elements. They also do not end up costing you much.

However, if you’re looking for a cost effective, long-term solution, you would do well to consider custom designed cattle shade structures or pig shelters. These are especially useful if you cannot allocate permanent space for your livestock on your property. These products offer the required levels of flexibility. Moreover, they offer exceptional value for money too.

At Polytex Tarpaulins, you can obtain a variety of products to keep your livestock safe. We offer cost effective products such as piggery blinds, thermal covers, air baffle curtains, ventilation tubes etc. Our thermal covers offer exceptional levels of insulation in winter. They’re easy to roll and store in summers as well.

The tarpaulins we offer at Polytex are incredibly strong, lightweight and waterproof. We use advanced seam bonding and welding techniques to offer the best material at sizes that are convenient. From poultry curtains to bunker tarps, we offer it all. Call us at 1300 059 003 for more details.

Polytex Tarpaulins – Premium Supplier of Big Tarpaulins for Pig Shelters

Factory owners and farmers usually require premium quality tarpaulins to meet an assortment of needs. For instance, factory owners often need big tarpaulins to serve as factory dividers. Similarly, farmers need these tarpaulins to serve as hay tarps or grain bunker tarps for keeping their agricultural produce safe.

For several years, the mining, agriculture and industrial sectors in Australia have required top class tarpaulins to meet their varied needs. Each time, they have relied on the best manufacturer of big tarpaulins i.e. Polytex Tarpaulins.

People rearing pigs or running a piggery often involves having the necessary pig shelters and equipment to keep the livestock comfortable. In the summer, it might be all right for you to let the pigs sleep in the open. However, in winters, you will need to keep your livestock protected from the cold conditions.

In addition, it is worth noting that pigs are likely to suffer sunburns on hot summer days. This is why it is essential that you invest in premium quality tarpaulins for your livestock shade structures.

Grain Bunker Tarps – The Right Choice for Storing Your Agricultural Produce

Polytex Tarpaulins has been at the forefront of providing many businesses in the agricultural and industrial sectors with high quality, cost effective tarps. From shelter covers for poultry to pig shelters, our solutions have ensured that businesses can keep their livestock and agricultural produce safe, regardless of the weather conditions.

For years, many people have used bunker tarps for protecting their grain from the insects. They have also relied on these tarps for providing protection from the elements. Exposure to the elements could often reduce the nutrient content of the grains. At the same time, farmers are well aware of the damage that rodents and insects can inflict on their agricultural produce.

Grain bunker tarps typically comprise polytarp. This is a low-cost, strong and waterproof material. Polytarp is easy to manufacture in a wide range of shapes and sizes. This makes it easy to produce weatherproof fabrics that are useful in agricultural applications of the largest scale.

Many farmers often consider constructing permanent storage facilities on their lands. This is particularly so at the end of the harvest season. This enables them to store their yield safely. However, constructing such facilities often has a huge cost implication. In addition, it requires various planning permissions too.

In contrast, purchasing bunker or hay tarps often involves just a fraction of the cost of constructing permanent storage facilities. Moreover, farmers don’t need to obtain any permissions from regulatory bodies either.

When needed, they can simply roll out the tarps in harvest season. Subsequently, they can store them away when not required. Another benefit of these tarps is that farmers can deploy them in different locations based on their requirements. Thus, for a one-time expense, these bunkers provide a host of benefits.

Polytex Tarps have immense experience in supplying eco shelters and livestock shade structures too. Many farmers use our products for eliminating unwanted airflows within production areas in the winter season. In addition, our cattle shade structures are ideal for minimising energy consumption, thereby enhancing the growth environment too.

Polytex Tarpaulins uses ‘state of the art’ manufacturing processes for producing tarps that suit the requirements of various industrial, agricultural, mining and commercial businesses. Our manufacturing facilities in the Riverina produce a variety of specialist products such as brooder curtains, factory dividers, air control curtains, door covers, poultry curtains and thermal & standard blinds. For more details, call us at 1300 059 003.