Polytex supplying big tarpaulins to various businesses !

For many years, Polytex Tarpaulins has specialised in supplying big tarpaulins to various businesses. Many of our clients engage in mining, industrial and agricultural activities. For instance, we manufacture bunker covers for covering large stockpiles of bulk mulch producing companies. Similarly, the poultry and piggery industries rely on our products too. Our poultry curtains and pig shelters are among our most popular products throughout the country

The grain bunker tarps !

In some cases, constructing permanent storage facilities might not be feasible. In addition, some farmers might find these permanent storage areas impractical as well. After all, some months down the line, you might need storage space in another section of your field. But, you won’t be able to move your permanent storage facilities. It is also worth highlighting that many farmers could find the cost of purchasing silos beyond their means.

In situations like this, using temporary storage facilities is often the best bet. As a result, farmers often use PVC tarps for meeting their large-scale temporary storage requirements. The grain bunker tarps that Polytex supplies to farmers come with grain storage covers too. Using these can keep the agricultural yield safe from the elements. In addition, these covers can also help in keeping pests, rodents and vermin away from your grain.

Use Polytex Grain Tarps to Store Your Agricultural Produce Safely

Farmers often need to protect their agricultural produce from the elements. In particular, they need to do this during the harvest season. However, not many farmers have pockets deep enough to enable them to construct large permanent storage facilities on their properties. This is why they need to rely on hay and bunker tarps to keep their grain safe. And, when it comes to providing high-quality tarps in Australia, Polytex Tarpaulins is the brand that many farmers and industrial enterprises rely on.

State-of-the-art Products !

For years, businesses in the mining, industry and agricultural sectors have sourced their tarpaulin products from Polytex Tarps. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and factories enable us to produce the best tarp products at affordable rates. Moreover, because our factories lie in the hub of freight lines from QLD to SA, we provide speedy delivery timelines too. Purchase your hay tarps from the leading supplier of tarps in Australia

Poultry curtains ? Polytex has the solution !

At Polytex, we use advanced welding construction techniques for creating our versatile and top-quality tarpaulin products. Each of our tarpaulins features enhanced levels of tensile strength. Moreover, they also feature low weight-to-strength ratios. This ratio is what makes our tarpaulins ideal for the construction of temporary structures. So, when you want temporary pig shelters or poultry curtains, our tarpaulins offer high levels of durability and cost effectiveness.

It is worth noting that we use only the best industrial fabrics for manufacturing all shelter cover products. For instance, our tarpaulins feature the renowned fabric brands such as Canvacon, Tarpee and Landmark etc. In addition, they feature minimal stitching that makes these tarps very durable.

Affordable weather protection for your livestock !

Whenever you require affordable weather protection for your livestock, equipment or even, for your workers, high-quality tarpaulins are what you need. For many years, people have been using tarps for providing superlative shelter covers for an assortment of purposes. This includes eco shelters and cattle shade structures too.

This is because business owners know that they can construct tarp shelters quickly. Construction of tarp shelters typically involves a much lower outlay than if you had construct a permanent structure. In addition, tarp shelters offer high levels of flexibility too. As such, you can assemble and dis-assemble them easily too. In this scenario, it is hardly surprising that business owners rely on Polytex tarpaulins for using as crops or livestock shade structures.

Investing in Bunker Tarps !

Not all farmers and factory owners have sufficient reserves of capital for investing in temporary structures or factory dividers. This is why investing in the bunker tarps that Polytex Tarpaulins supplies can be a boon. Our premium quality tarpaulin products provide low cost solutions for farmers requiring temporary storage for their crops. At the same time, the tough polyfabric we use in our tarps makes it ideal for protecting goods and equipment as well.

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Keep the Elements Away from Your Goods and Equipment with Affordable Shelter Covers

Very often, especially during the harvest season, farmers need to store their crops in the fields. Not many farmers are prudent enough to use grain bunker tarps for protecting their crops. Neglecting the use of these tarps could be quite harmful. Inclement weather conditions could damage their yield quite easily. In a single stroke, the rains could wipe away weeks of hard labour. In addition, the rains could bring all the money invested in planting crops and looking after them to naught.

Crops also remain susceptible to attacks by an assortment of pests and rodents. An infestation of rats and mice could cause a significant amount of damage to the produce of the land. Similarly, sometimes factory and mill owners leave their machines in the open for various reasons. They don’t realise that the rains could easily damage their equipment

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Polytex Top-Notch Products Especially for the Poultry Industry

Of all the meat-producing enterprises, the poultry industry offers several advantages when it comes to producing food for the regular household. Some of these include:

  • Requiring comparatively smaller amount of investments as compared to other meat-producing enterprises – especially as making chicken coops is easier than making cattle shade structures
  • Offering the quickest returns on investments
  • Featuring the best adaptability among all meat-producing enterprises and,
  • Having one of the lowest maintenance charges

Polytex has a formidable reputation for providing bunker tarps or tarps for use as livestock shade structures. We’re the brand that many agricultural and industrial businesses rely on. Even the construction and mining sectors depend on us extensively for top quality products.

In the poultry industry, housing your chickens well is an important consideration. Many poultry businesses construct specific shelters to keep their poultry safe. However, poultry shelters do not involve as much detail and space as pig shelters do. This is why many farmers utilise their existing buildings for housing their chickens.

Some of the pre-requisites that a good poultry shelter will need to possess include:

  • Appropriate size
  • Temperature controls
  • Adequate ventilation (including provisions for minimising cold and unwanted airflows)
  • Adequate light and sunshine
  • Freedom from moisture and dampness and,
  • Adequate protection from pests and rodents

Polytex has a tremendous understanding of the specific requirements of poultry farmers. This is why we’ve come up with various products especially for them. For instance, we offer a new style fan cover that suits a variety of sizes and configurations. These fan covers feature auto release attachment systems that release the fan covers automatically once the fan starts. They are ideal for large cone fans and smaller square-shaped units. They can minimise the unwanted cold airflows from your eco shelters.

For years, Polytex has earned renown throughout the country for its high quality hay tarps and factory dividers. However, we also offer other useful products for the poultry industry. Some of our most popular offerings include:

  • Brooder Curtains: These fully welded items come in a range of sizes. A two-part curtain enables farmers to keep the top section in place for acting as an air-control baffle. These poultry curtains also feature access doors, reinforced feeder & drink-line exits, lifting sleeves etc.
  • Cool Cell Covers: These specialised zipper covers restrict the airflow in cooler months. This helps in maintaining peak production levels.
  • Thermal Fabrics: Ideal for providing extra insulation in shelter covers, you could use these as side blinds, fan covers etc.
  • Door Seals: Many farmers use these anti-draft rollup door deals for sealing off shed doors in negative pressure sections. This eliminates the entry of cold drafts in temperature-controlled areas.

Polytex uses the latest manufacturing equipment for delivering high quality products with prompt delivery times. Located in the hub of freight lines from QLD to SA, our factories can churn out high production runs of tarps for your requirements. So, whether you need grain bunker tarps or other products, purchase the best items from Polytex.

Cattle shade structures !

When you need the best cattle shade structures or pig shelters, you need products that offer the best quality. At Polytex, we manufacture superior products at our purpose-built factories using state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures. Situated in the Riverina, our factories lie at the hub of Australia’s freight lines between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide. As such, we offer our clients Australia-wide delivery that is prompt and cost effective. Call us on 1300 059 003 to find out more .