Polytex finest quality livestock shade structures and bunker tarps !

At Polytex, we use only the finest quality industrial fabrics for manufacturing our livestock shade structures and bunker tarps. For instance, our bunker covers comprise fabrics from renowned brands such as Canvacon, Tarpee and Landmark. The kinds of bunker covers we offer include:

PE: Weighing 250 – 320 Grams per Square Metre (GSM), these offer a warranty of three to five years
PP: These typically weigh 340 GSM and come with a ultraviolet warranty of three to five years
PVC: These products feature tailored FR & UV levels and have a weight ranging from 325 to 900 GSM

We’re one of the biggest suppliers of harvest grain covers, ground sheets and hay tarps throughout Australia. As such, we can produce large volumes of storage covers within short spans of time. In addition, we offer prompt delivery timelines all over the country too.

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