4 Uses Of Warehouse Divider Curtains

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2018-04-25

Is your warehouse dealing similar issues like other warehouse owners’ deal with on a daily basis such as noise from equipment units being operated, continuous traffic from workers and other external elements that come freely? If you are looking for a quick and effective solution to resolve any of these mentioned issues, warehouse divider curtains would come to the rescue. Why? Below are top 4 uses of divider curtain walls.

1. Block the noise
Since warehouses are designed with many sections functioning for various tasks like operation of equipment and machinery 24/7, employees doing their assigned jobs and vehicle coming in to bring supplies, the amount of noise created can be quite distracting. Installing warehouse divider curtains will surely block any form of noise and help workers stay focused.

2. Reduce the entry of debris
Among the external elements that can enter easily a warehouse are dirt, dust and unwanted debris coming from the workstations. For other warehouses like an auto painting warehouse the risk of hazardous chemicals is a major threat because paints including oils are used daily. To reduce the entry of debris to other sections of the warehouses, the use of warehouse divider curtains would ensure the safety and cleanliness of the surroundings.

3. Maintain the desired temperature
One of the uses of custom made warehouse divider walls or divider curtains is maintain the desired temperature at a particular area of the warehouse regardless of the weather condition. For example, if you wish the food production area of your warehouse to remain cool during the hot summer months, installing vinyl type warehouse divider curtains can help retain the coolness of the environment. Vinyl divider curtains are also ideal during colder months if you wish to keep a section of the warehouse warm and reduce your heating consumption.

4. Contain restricted areas from public viewers
There are instances wherein your warehouse will have visitors touring the premises. If you don’t want a public viewer to have access to a restricted area putting warehouse divider curtains or warehouse divider walls is the best option.
The need to use warehouse divider curtains or warehouse divider walls do vary depending from one warehouse to another due to the nature of their businesses operation. An auto detailing warehouse may require special type of divider curtains that have the capacity to limit the contaminants like chemicals at the actual painting and auto detailing job, while an ordinary type of divider curtain can be used for other employees doing administrative work.

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