5 Reasons Tarpaulin Should Be on the List of Your Poultry Supplies in Australia

Tarpaulin is one of the most frequently used and versatile farm equipment across the world. Whether you use them for stockpile covers or truck tarps, the sheer numbers of things you can do with the right amount of tarp make it a very valuable tool.

When it comes to poultry farming and all DIY projects like chicken coop and feed area, tarp is a great bit of poultry equipment to have.

Here are 5 reasons why you should definitely include it in your poultry supplies .

5 Ways Tarpaulin Helps Your Poultry Equipment and DIY Projects

  1. Makeshift Refuge

Tarp is impervious to most kinds of environmental damage. So, while you are building your livestock their permanent coop, you can cover their cages with it. This poultry equipment will protect them from the weather and give them some warmth if it is cold.

  • Quick Repair Tool

Tarp is always a handy tool to have when you are doing a DIY project. There is always a chance to get things wrong and end up with a holed out wall in your coop. Before you get to fixing that, you need to provide some cover to the hole and tarp is the perfect thing for that.

  • Protection for Tools

Not only can you use tarp to protect your hay sheds and livestock, but you can also use it to protect your tools and poultry equipment.

Sometimes, it can start raining without warning and you can get stuck with a bunch of tools gathering rainwater. Protect them by quickly covering them up with tarp.

  • Extra Protection for the Coop

During winter, the weather can turn nasty and dew can make the perfect breeding ground for germs in your coop. You can prevent this from happening by simply using a tarp like stockpile covers to prevent dew from accruing on your coop.

  • Cosmetic Additions

A standard wood chicken coop on its own can look quite dull. Even if you have the best poultry supplies in Australia, it is not the most appealing structure. However, with the right colour of tarpaulin, it can look very attractive indeed. Further, the colour could offer heat retention during the colder days.

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Poultry supplies Australia – Simple Housing Tips

Good housing along with proper Poultry supplies Australia is important to keep your hens secure and healthy. The hen house should be able to withstand all weathers and offer protection against predators. Choosing the right size for the poultry housing is important. One should allow 1 sq ft of house floor area per bird and a large access door to allow regular cleaning.

The nest boxes must be low down and in the darkest place of the poultry house. The perches must be higher than the nest boxes and should be removable for cleaning. Thick layers of wood shaving etc. acts as a good poultry bedding. Along with proper ventilation and safety one needs to ensure regular poultry supplies Australia so that you can ensure the highest standards of productivity and quality.

There are different Poultry supplies Australia which play a very important role in case of poultry farming. It includes Poultry feeds, Feeders, Waterers, Incubators, Egg collection etc.

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Poultry supplies Australia – Simple Housing Tips

Good housing along with proper Poultry supplies is important to keep your hens secure and healthy. The hen house should be able to withstand all weathers and offer protection against predators. Choosing the right size for the poultry housing is important. One should allow 1 sq ft of house floor area per bird and a large access door to allow regular cleaning.

The nest boxes must be low down and in the darkest place of the poultry house. The perches must be higher than the nest boxes and should be removable for cleaning. Thick layers of wood shaving etc. acts as a good poultry bedding. Along with proper ventilation and safety one needs to ensure regular poultry supplies Australia so that you can ensure the highest standards of productivity and quality.

There are different Poultry supplies Australia which play a very important role in case of poultry farming. It includes Poultry feeds, Feeders, Waterers, Incubators, Egg collection etc.

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Poultry Supplies Australia – Sheltering them from the Rain

Chickens can be very sensitive when it starts raining and even though most breeds are hardy you would still need to invest in Poultry supplies Australia and give them some form of shelter in addition to the hen house which can protect them from the wind and rain.

Poultry supplies Australia are extremely important when the chickens are kept out in the open and where there is minimal natural cover. Some breeds of poultry can handle the rain better and generally more hardy in the poor weather but breeds like the Poland or, the Silkie can suffer and hence needs to be well covered with Poultry supplies Australia.

The shelter can be basic, corrugated sheeting over the hen house or, an old fence leaning against a wall. One needs to ensure that it is secure and doesn’t blow away and appropriate protection is provided from the prevailing winds.

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Poultry Supplies Australia Checklist When Starting A Poultry Farm

Are you about to start a poultry farm? Before you purchase the initial batch of layers and boilers, perhaps you should take into consideration the needed supplies to keep this poultry farm up and running smoothly. Check below the poultry supplies Australia checklist for starters setting a poultry farm.


When setting up a poultry farm the feeding facility should be carefully planned ahead of time. See to it the feeders are sufficient enough to feed a huge number of birds. If you will purchase the feeding equipment units from a reputable poultry supplies Australia company don’t forget to give a rough estimate of the number of birds you will stock, plus specifying how many will use the bell drinker and/or tube feeder.

Tarpaulin products

Tarps will play a major role in the protective covering and temporary shelters of your birds. For example, if your newly built poultry shelters have opening on both sides having quick access to durable tarpaulin will ensure the birds are kept dry when raining.

Chicken boxes

The chicken boxes are designed for the laying birds. Each chicken box is designed with deep litter where the eggs can roll straight to egg trays. The purpose of chicken boxes is to prevent the laying birds from trampling on their eggs.


This is one of the vital supplies that you should never miss when placing orders at the poultry supplies Australia representative the feeds that will feed your birds.  You have the option to buy raw feeds or commercially produced that have mixture of wheat and maize.

Fly tray

The presence of flies flying around in any poultry farm is a common issue among poultry farm owners. If your goal is lessen the number of flies invest on fly trap equipment. This equipment is proven effective in controlling flies inside poultry farms.

Egg tray

Another equipment unit that you need to invest when starting a poultry farm is the egg tray. Its usage is to serve as a tray for newly laid eggs intended for sampling. If you don’t have any idea on pricing of egg tray equipment units sold at the poultry supplies Australia, talk to an expert poultry farmer and get some recommendations.

Incubator controller

Among the basic equipment units that should be present in any poultry farm, whether you are a starter poultry farm owner or been in the industry for a long time is the incubator controller. Again, for proper selection on the type and brand of incubator controller to purchase consult any of the poultry supplies Australia representative for guidance. The incubator controller is generally used to control the incubator and timer counter. This equipment provides the present temperature and humidity of the incubator.

Ventilation fan

To ensure your birds reach their ideal healthy condition proper ventilation system must be applied in any poultry farm environment. Every poultry farm owner must have enough ventilation fan unit to provide quality air flow during hot weather conditions.

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Top 5 Things to Know While Shopping For Tarps in Australia

Whether you are utilizing them for cattle shades, as shelter covers or dam liners, you can accomplish a number of tasks with highly versatile tarps these days. However, you need to be careful while shopping for tarpaulins as the sheer number of choices available in the market can leave you scratching your head, and you may end up buying wrong tarps. In an effort to assist buyers in buying the tarps that can serve their purpose perfectly, we have prepared a list of 5 things you need to consider while buying your tarps in Australia.


  1. Know your needs and tarps – Though tarps have a number of uses in these times and they are probably the most crucial component of any emergency gear, in order to pick the right tarps you’ll need to know your exact needs and some tarps basics. Therefore, the tarps used for shelter covers are somewhat different then the tarps used by poultry supplies in Australia. To make an informed decision, you need to familiarize yourself with some basic tarp terms, such as thickness, cut-size and mesh count, among others. Just remember a few simple rules while choosing your tarpaulins. If you are planning to use them for some heavy duty applications, opt for thicker tarps with higher mesh count or water-proof polythene tarpaulins and vice versa. Lastly, make sure to choose the right sized tarps for your needs.


  1. Ease of installation – Though most tarps can be readily installed by tying a few knots, certain applications require high levels of expertise and skill set for proper installation. For instance in camping you’ve to take into account factors, such as surroundings and weather conditions. Other factors that can affect the installation of tarps are – direction of wind, availability of trees or bushes for support and presence of natural windbreaks and so on and so forth. If you require tarps for such challenging applications, you should go for ones that can be easily installed and can withstand extreme weather conditions.


  1. Types of tarpaulins – There is a great variety of tarps available in the market, and choosing the right one for you is entirely dependent on your needs. Ranging from fire-resistant and UV protected tarps to heavy duty truck tarpaulin, buyers have a plenty of choices at their disposal these days.  For instance if you are looking for tarps for grain bunkers, it’s recommend to buy heavy duty, water poof tarps. Similarly, hay tarps are perfect for your hay storage needs as these tarps are great to attain well-ventilated conditions while protecting your hay from moisture at the same time.


  1. Materials – Another important factor to keep in mind while purchasing your tarps in Australia is the material of tarps. Again, it depends on your budget and the application you want to use it for. If you are short on budget, but looking for tough water-proof options, choosing polythene tarpaulins is your best bet. On the other hand, if you are planning to use for applications, such as to reduce the wind flow, breathable mesh tarpaulin would be a great option for you.


5 Duration of protection – If you are buying tarpaulins for protection purposes, make sure to consider the time period for which you want to protect your goods. If you are considering protection for more than six months at a stretch, invest in high quality tarpaulins regardless of the cost.


Poultry Equipment: Poultry Curtains and Tarpaulins in Chicken Coops

There are plenty of things to consider when it comes to keeping chickens happy and comfortable. There’s food, water, and of course shelter. Regarding shelter, you’ll want to make sure that your poultry houses and chicken coops are conducive to promoting growth and egg-laying characteristics of the chicken, and to achieve this requires a few other things like proper ventilation.

A common problem regarding air flow and ventilation is controlling the entry of breezes and drafts. Many poultry raisers often resort to buying poultry curtains from their preferred poultry equipment supplier to combat these dilemma.

Some flock owners often resort to using thick tarpaulins to keep cold drafts out of the chicken coop. Tarps are ideal for such purposes since they are made from thick and heavy materials. The fabric they are made from are closed-knit with little to no holes for air to pass through. This is especially true with waterproof tarpaulins. The problem with this is that although they are great for keeping drafts out, they also restrict proper air flow and ventilation by keeping fresh air from coming in and letting the stale air out.

During the warmer days, flock owners will switch to mesh type poultry curtains which can be bought from most stores that sell poultry supplies in Australia. These types of poultry curtains are great because they let air flow freely in and out of the chicken coop. Some mesh curtains have very small holes to prevent insects from entering as well. In terms of ventilation and keeping bugs out, these mesh type poultry curtains are certainly worth considering.

It would be ideal to find one curtain that will be able to both keep drafts out and let fresh breeze in. Although there are curtains which are designed that way, some poultry raisers may have trouble finding one. In that case, the best option would be to switch from thick tarps and wire mesh curtains depending on the weather or climate. It may sound like a lot of work but it will all be worth it.

If you are looking for high quality poultry curtains or products like dam liners, truck tarps and others, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You can call us up at our telephone line at 1300 059 003. You can also leave a message in our contact page and one of our experts will respond the soonest. We also have a range of other poultry supplies including fan covers, thermal blinds, brooder curtains and others.

Use High-Quality Tarps to Keep Your Poultry and Equipment Safe and Sheltered

A number of Australians operate in the poultry farming business. This does not only involve the breeding and care of a variety of poultry birds and their broods. It also involves the use of specialised poultry equipment. Farmers typically raise poultry birds in indoor production systems as well as free range production systems. In the former, farmers need to invest a significant amount of time and effort towards managing the environment.

It goes without saying that poultry birds need conducive environments for their welfare and better production levels. Thus, any indoor shelter will need to have suitable levels of ventilation, lighting, temperate and litter control. Suppliers of hay sheds and other tarps also manufacture products tailored for the poultry industry. From air control curtains to cool cell & fan covers, these manufacturers will offer a variety of products. People engaged in the poultry industry can use these products to provide the right environment for their poultry.

How Tarps Help Poultry Farmers Raise Poultry Production Levels

When rearing poultry and other livestock, farmers need to give their animals proper care. Otherwise, they will not be able to generate much revenue from their livestock. This invariably necessitates focusing on several aspects such as those mentioned below, where the use of tarps can have a positive effect.

The Environment

Good poultry housing systems will often use high-quality tarps that render them weatherproof. Such housing systems will keep the poultry birds safe from adverse and inclement weather conditions. During the winters and the brooding season, the housing facility will need to be warm. In addition, the shelter must remain well ventilated. Among other things, the shelter will also need to keep the poultry birds safe from all kinds of predators.

The Temperature Levels

Experts believe that chickens tend to grow well in shelters with temperatures ranging from 18 to 25 degrees Celsius. Clearly, the temperature outside will not always fall into this range. So, when the temperature outside is higher than 25 degrees Celsius, you will need to find ways to cool the poultry shelter. In hot conditions, chickens will reduce their consumption of food. Thus, they will not grow or proliferate in these conditions. To keep the temperature inside the shelter comfortable, you will need to use cool cell covers, thermal blinds and shade sails. Suppliers of builders tarps and other products will be able to manufacture these based on your specifications. Similarly, in winters, you will need to use heaters to keep the poultry birds warm.

The Ventilation Levels

Proper levels of ventilation inside a poultry housing system can be very important. Well-ventilated shelters will remove excessive levels of heat, gas and moisture, In addition, they will infuse the shelter with fresh air. Thus, the housing shelter will be more comfortable for the poultry. Farmers often rely on natural ventilation systems for housing poultry. This involves building large windows and using side curtains to bring in the fresh air. But, in winters, these windows and curtains will need to remain shut to keep the cold air outside. Yet, you will need to use artificial ventilation systems to keep the shelter well-ventilated. The use of thermal blinds, side blinds and end caps could be useful to accomplish this.

The Lighting

Poultry birds can be very sensitive to light. Experts in poultry supplies in Australia believe that light raises the production levels among the birds. It also helps them find food and water easily. However, these birds need ‘dark periods’ as well. This period can be essential for the health of the birds as it helps in the production of the melatonin hormone. This hormone plays a vital role in enhancing the immunity levels of the birds. Almost all types of poultry birds need at least 16 hours of light (preferably natural) and eight hours of darkness. But, poultry chicks can require constant light after hatching to find food and water. Unsurprisingly, farmers use shelter covers and brooder curtains to keep the chicks in a separate section.

Where Can You Get the Best Poultry Curtains and Tarps in Australia?

Whether you need thermal curtains or any other type of tarpaulin, Polytex Tarpaulins remains your best bet. Since the 1990s, we have been manufacturing an enviable range of tarps to suit clients in the mining, agricultural and industrial sectors. To obtain a quote, click here.

Australian Hay Tarps!

Farmers in Australia have usually relied on hay barns for keeping their hay safe. But, not all farmers have ample space on their fields for constructing these permanent structures. Others simply don’t have the budget that the construction and maintenance of these structures typically involves. The use of hay tarps helps in circumventing the issue.

The hay tarps that Polytex produces are not the same as the plastic hay tarps that are commonly sold across the country. Those tarps offer good protection while minimising field transportation. As such, farmers can store their bales of hay in their fields, without having to build permanent structures. These tarps are cheap and will keep water off the bales of hay. In addition, you could even use those tarps in your cattle shade structures too. But, as the bales of hay dry, these tarps could end up trapping significant levels of moisture. Moreover, they usually do not offer any protection from exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

In contrast, the hay or bunker tarps that Polytex supplies are the best in the industry. We make our tarps with a breathable material that lets moisture out of the bale. In addition, this material also prevents the precipitation from penetrating it. This superior material ensures that:

 The hay remains secure even in the heaviest of rains
 The hay remains secure because the tarp can resist wind lifting
 The passage of air and vapour prevents the occurrence of moulds
 The tarp permits maximum drying of damp straw even after the heaviest downpours
 The tarp is tear-resistant and,
 The tarp can withstand ultraviolet lights just as our pig shelters and poultry curtains do, thereby keeping your produce safe

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