Advantages of Hoop Structures for Pig Shelters

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-11-12

Hooped structures are not really new, and have been in use by many hog raisers and farmers for quite some time now. Over the years, these structures have gained popularity among these folks, considering the many benefits that hooped structures have over the conventional pig shelters.

Quick and Low Cost Construction

One of the first reasons why many hog raisers are starting to consider using hooped structures is because they are often quicker and cheaper to build compared to conventional pig shelters. Hooped structures are mostly composed of low walls metals posts and frames and tarps, so they basically cost less compared to pig shelters made with concrete and metal roofing. In addition, they are much easier and quicker to construct, considering that the materials are easy to work with compared to conventional pig shelters. It is important to consider the quality of the material sot be used in the hooped structure to ensure that it will last long though, but even if you buy the best metal frames and tarps, you will see that the overall costs is still cheaper than conventional pig shelters. This is why many experts would actually recommend small scale hog raisers to make use of hooped structures instead as they will surely be able to work within their budget without compromising the quality and effectiveness of their pig shelters.