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Advantages of Livestock Shade Shelters & Fabric Structures

If you are looking at purchasing a new shade system or structure for your feedlot, dairy or other livestock area you will be asking yourself should I purchase Shade Sails, Retractable Shade Systems & Waterproof structures or should I purchase a solid roofed structure? Shade Sail Systems & Waterproof fabric structures have an advantage on the traditional iron structures in that

  • Lower Costs Involved
  • You have the option of removing or retracting fabric for different seasons. Ensure that you store your fabric correctly to protect it.
  • If severe storms are forecasted, fabric can be removed to limit damage. Iron sheets can be very dangerous if they work loose in high winds or a storm.
  • If well designed, installed and maintained there is no greater risk of failure of these structures compared with other farm buildings.
  • Different types of fabric offer different degrees of light transmission. Cows are not keen on going from bright areas to dark areas and prefer dappled shaded spaces to dark spaces, so they tend to get used to a shade cloth or waterproof structure more quickly than a solid- roofed structure
  • Natural air movement. Shade cloth has the advantage of allowing air to pass directly through the material, whilst structures constructed from galvanised sheeting require openings to assist air movement.
  • Approval Exempt*

Shades should be designed to maximise ventilation and afternoon shade. Make sure to download our Free Livestock Shelter Guide which outlines the benefits of livestock shade structures and the importance of shade for your cattle.

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