Sleeved Hay Tarp

Hay tarps are very susceptible to wind damage because the cover is normally in a very exposed position in the field – The Polytex Sleeved Hay Tarp is ideal for the securing of covers to the larger hay stack while minimizing wind damage. Securing large hay tarps with eyelet tie downs is not successful due to wind pressure being exerted between the eyelets resulting in wind flap damage.

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Welded Sleeve Edge

The sleeved hay tarp utilizes a welded sleeve edge into which a 1” metal pipe is inserted. This gives a rigid edge on the hay tarp which protects the tarp against wind flap.

Easy Tie Down

Because the sleeved hay tarp has an inserted pipe edge the installer can tie off at any point (we recommend approximately 2m intervals) & does not have to rely on multiple eyelets at 1m intervals.

Superior Strength Edge

Polytex specifies using a welded sleeve for pipe insert for ultimate strength because the alternative eyelet tie downs still leaves the space between eyelets that the wind can attack.




Sleeved hay tarps are manufactured to specifications. Standard sizes range from 6m wide by 20-30m long or as required. Larger hay tarps are 12 – 20m wide by required length


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Polytac Repair Tape

Polytex Polytac Repair Tape is a butyl mastic tap supplied as either double sided or single sided; for easy on the field repair of polyethylene & polypropylene fabrics.