Polyfabric Tarpaulin Covers – The Ideal Weatherproofing Solution for Your Crops and Machines

Keeping their crops and large machines safe from the elements is a major concern for farmers and factory owners throughout Australia. Inclement weather could cause significant damage to your crops and agricultural produce. At the same time, it could damage the machines and make them malfunction as well. To safeguard their goods and machinery, farmers and factory owners alike have found that there is no substitute for the all-weather protection offered by tarpaulins.

Traditionally, tarp suppliers used canvas for making tarpaulins. In contemporary times, manufacturers have been using polyethylene and PVC fabrics for making top-quality tarps as well. Whether you use them in your livestock shade structures or as factory dividers, tarps offer immense durability and ease of use. At the same time, they remain very affordable too.

Premium protection for your crops or livestock!

From factory dividers to piggery shelters, Polytex offers top-notch solutions for your requirements. Our pig shelters are perfect for domestic and agricultural use. They keep your animals safe from the sun, the cold, the wind and the rain. The fabrics we use for creating these tarpaulins are exceptionally strong and lightweight. In addition, they are waterproof and windproof as well. We use advanced seam bonding and welding techniques in all our tarps. As a result, we can produce fabrics of any size that you require with minimal fuss. For these reasons, our piggery shelter covers provide exceptional value for money, especially given their low costs.

Along with livestock shelters, we also produce grain bunker tarps, blinds, tarpaulin covers and liners etc. The quality and durability of our products makes us a name to reckon with throughout the country. We use the latest techniques and innovations for manufacturing bunker tarps and hay tarps at our purpose built factories. Situated in the Riverina, the hub of Australia’s freight lines from Brisbane to Adelaide, we offer speedy deliveries regardless of where you’re located.

If you need premium protection for your crops or livestock, call us at 1300 059 003 for a quote today.

From Pig Shelters to Poultry Curtains Polytex has the solution for you!

If you’re in the business of rearing pigs, you will understand the necessity of keeping your animals comfortable at all times. Typically, many farmers keep their animals outdoors. For instance, you can let your pigs sleep in the open on warm and fine nights. But, it is essential to have appropriate pig shelters nearby as well. This could help your animals to stay warm, dry and protected from the elements. On hot days, keeping your pigs in the open could be counterproductive. This is especially so as pigs are prone to developing sunburns quickly.

If you were to search for poultry curtains or cattle shelters in the market, you would find a myriad of options to choose from. However, many of these could be quite expensive. In addition, their quality levels might not give you the best value for your money. Another alternative that you could explore is to construct temporary cattle shade structures for domestic use. All you’d need for this is a tarpaulin cover and some bales of hay. The biggest advantage of these temporary shelters is that they won’t cost you a fortune.

Yet, one of the most cost effective shelters that farmers have increasingly come to rely on are custom designed pig shelters. Usually made of tarpaulin, these livestock shade structures are ideal if you cannot provide permanent shelters for your livestock. In addition, these shelters are flexible enough to enable you to relocate your pig shelters whenever you want to.

Custom Designed Eco Shelter Covers Are Ideal for the Piggery Industry

Having quality welded fabric products is a necessity for many people in the agriculture and piggery industries. Farmers often need temporary storage facilities to keep their crops safe from pests and the elements. Similarly, keeping their livestock safe is a necessity for those in the piggery and poultry sectors as well. This is why the demand for premium quality and durable shelter covers remains constant.

At Polytex Tarpaulins, we understand exactly what these sectors needs to keep their crops and livestock secure. This is why we specialise in manufacturing durable welded fabric products. In particular, our custom designed eco shelters have proved to be a boon for many farmers throughout Australia. The quality of our products has long been something that we’ve built our reputation around. In addition, we focus extensively on innovation. This has enabled us to minimise installation times. It has helped in facilitating the easier tensioning of covers too.

What Should You Do When You Need Agricultural Tarpaulins?

Typically, manufacturers can produce grain bunker tarps based on any specifications. However, they experience peak times during the harvest season. Therefore, if you place your order, when they are at full production, you might experience delays in delivery. Therefore, ensure that you place your order early, to receive your grain storage covers in time.When you need high-quality and durable tarpaulins, get in touch with Polytex Tarpaulins. Since the 1990s, we have been fabricating over 8,000 square metres of fabric daily. In addition, we only use the best available fabrics from Asia, Europe and Argentina. This enables us to give you top quality products at cost effective rates. For a hassle-free experience in the designing, manufacturing and delivery of your taps, call us at 1300 059 003.

What are Some of the Most Common Ways in Which People Use Tarps?

Some of the most common uses for tarps include:

  • Thermal Covers: People use tarps in combination with polyfabric shelters for preventing the loss of heat. These tarps are low-cost and lightweight. Therefore, people can roll them and store them easily. These tarps often come into use for providing temporary insulation in piggeries. Sometimes, people even use them as insulated covers for heated swimming pools.
  • Machinery Covers: These covers prevent dust and moisture from contaminating or clogging various machinery and equipment. They are useful in situations where people do not use specific machines for extended stretches of time.
  • Composting Covers: These covers are useful for preventing the compost from drying up. These covers shed water easily. They also help in maintaining the appropriate levels of heat and humidity, which are necessary for composting.
  • Grain Covers: Farmers often do not have large storage or warehousing facilities. Therefore, this becomes a problem when they need to store large volumes of grain in the open. Spells of rainfall could easily damage uncovered grain. At the same time, the risk of rats and other rodents or pests is not a risk that farmers can neglect either. In these situations, bunker tarps or grain covers provide effective cover to the agricultural produce.

An Overview of the Time-Tested Tarpaulin

While driving through the city or the country, it is not too difficult to come across people using tarps for various purposes. Some people use them as shelter covers for keeping their poultry supplies safe in Australia. Others use tarps as effective dam liners. Farmers also use tarpaulins for keeping their cattle safe. Thus, they keep their cattle sheltered from the elements by using tarps as cattle shades. In addition, not every house in Australia has a spacious garage. So, people often rely on tarps to keep their vehicles sheltered from the elements.


For long, people have depended on the trusty tarpaulins as an economical, quick and easy means for protecting their goods, their crops and even, their personal property. Most tarps provide extremely good protection from the rains. Therefore, people use them for weatherproofing their belongings – especially, those that they cannot keep indoors. Traditionally, canvas tarps were very popular at one time. The modern tarps comprise polyethylene and PVC fabrics, which provide superior levels of protection. Unsurprisingly, these tarps come into use across a variety of domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial applications.


The material used for making tarps is not just inexpensive or lightweight. It is waterproof and windproof too. Besides, it does not take long for manufacturers to produce polyfabric covers from polyethylene or PVC either. As a result, people can use tarps for even large-scale projects that require protection of several thousand square metres.

Keep Your Agricultural Produce Secure from the Elements with Quality Tarps

X factors are variables that have a significant effect on the outcome of a given situation. In addition, they denote some remarkable features or traits of a product or a business. In a scenario like today, where several businesses offer similar products and services, it can be hard for customers to distinguish one from the other. For example, there might be several manufacturers of tarpaulins throughout the country. Each would be offering quality tarps at great rates. However, not all manufacturers provide the same levels of quality products at affordable rates.

Therefore, many businesses provide a distinguishing trait or feature in their products and services, which make them distinctively different from the other players in the same field. This distinguishing trait (or X-factor) is eventually what drives customers to one brand. This is the case even though there might be several companies operating in the same domain. In the tarp-manufacturing sector, Polytex has the reputation of being a reliable supplier of quality products. Their tarps are so durable and versatile that they come into use across a variety of sectors. This is why several clients, including the Australian Defence Force, rely on Polytex to deliver the goods, when it comes to providing high quality tarpaulins at cost effective rates.

Polytex Australia’s leading provider of specialist tarpaulin products !

At Polytex Tarpaulins, we use the latest manufacturing equipment to manufacture our top-class products. Moreover, our factories have ideal locations as well. Situated in the hub of freight lines from QLD to SA and other places, the location of our factories enables us to provide prompt shipping and delivery of factory dividers and eco shelters across the country.

We have over 50 years of experience in the fabrics industry. This is why we’re Australia’s leading provider of specialist tarpaulin products. Several business establishments from various industries depend on our products to keep their grain or machines safe. We have manufacturing capacities in excess of 15,000 square metres of tarpaulins daily. So, don’t look elsewhere when you need shelter covers or cattle shade structures. When you shop with us, you will get the best value for your money.

Is Polytarp Useful for Keeping Your Crops and Other Produce Safe?

Polytarp is a low-cost, durable and waterproof material. In addition, manufacturers can easily produce the tarps you require, based on your specifications. Therefore, you could easily use them for large-scale agricultural applications, as grain bunkers and grain storage covers. Some people even use them as hay tarps.

You might spend a fortune in constructing permanent storage facilities for your agricultural produce. These would not only require various approvals from the local councils and regulatory bodies. The construction process itself would consume a lot of time. In contrast, grain bunker tarps are significantly cheaper than constructing permanent storage facilities. Moreover, they require no approvals and you can roll them out and stow them away, without too much of a fuss.

Another advantage of these tarps is that circumstances might necessitate that you rotate your crops in a different location. In this scenario, the location of the permanent store might present something of an inconvenience. However, the tarps will work just fine, even if you rotate your crops to a different location.