Builders tarps – Best Way to Put Up Tarpaulins

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2019-02-21

Builders tarps are extremely useful around the house and garden. They can be used for covering windows, roofing and general DIY uses. The Builders tarps are generally made from a wide variety of materials like PVC, cotton and polypropylene. Tarpaulins are measured using grams per square metre (GSM).

For temporary use one can use economy style Builders tarps which are graded around 80-90 gsm. In case you want to cover a roof or need protection for an extended period then it is advisable to go for something around 200gsm and above. Most problems with Builders tarps are caused due to excess stress on the eyelets and seams.

One can easily avoid common problems with Builders tarps by putting them up correctly. Always make sure that water doesn’t sit on the tarps since it can damage the surface and also weigh the tarp down. Use of elastic fixings is recommended which can alleviate the pressure on eyelets. Being gentle with Builders tarps and ensuring good care will ensure longevity.

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