Car Parks

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-07-21

One of the most common places where you’ll see these shade sails are installed are in car parks. Along this line, the shade sails used in such places would be bigger than usual (although still smaller than the tarp sizes used for grain bunker tarps or hay tarps in general) or if the property owner chooses to go for the smaller ones, it will be very likely that they will use several shade sails at the same time in order to cover the width of the car park.

We are all aware that cars can be really expensive, and so it is natural for us to want to protect them from unnecessary damages and to do everything possible to ensure that they will last us a long, long time. One of the things that can cause severe damage to cars is exposure to the natural elements. The sun’s ultra violet rays and the heat itself can cause a vehicles paint job to lose it pristine and lustrous appeal. The acid rain, and even bird droppings contain harmful chemicals that, when they come in contact with the vehicles paint and the iron underneath, can cause spotting and even cracking.

Shade sails can help to reduce the incidence of these elements damaging your vehicle, and that of tenants, clients, and customers, too. Residential homes install shade sails to provide shelter for their other cars that the garage can’t accommodate, and apartment complexes provide shade sails structure for their tenant’s vehicles. Large malls and commercial complexes use shade sails over their outdoor parking lots.