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Warehouse Wall Dividers, Fabric Walls for AKD

AKD is Australia’s largest softwood sawmilling business, with plantations located across the regional East Coast of Australia. With over 65 years of experience and over 1100 employees, AKD offers a wide range of timber products that are dispatched Australia-wide.

Richard from AKD reached out to Polytex for help with a new building expansion project that would allow manufacturing work to continue inside the building whilst the building extension took place. AKD was planning to remove existing sheet metal and looking for assistance enclosing the side of the building using heavy tarp materials that would offer secure protection from wind, rain, and the elements. They needed a fast turnaround on the design, cost, and timing of the project.


As experts in produce protection, Polytex got to work on putting together a solution that would ensure maximum protection for the new building. AKD specified a number of key factors in the design including the overall building size, the timeframe for the temporary infrastructure, the installation periods and fixing points. After receiving a drawing of the building, the Polytex team put together their design including warehouse wall dividers and a fabric wall measuring 35m in length and 9m high with a pitched roof.

With the building located in a high-wind area, it was vital that the design could withstand extreme weather, including strong or gale-force winds. To compensate for this challenge, the team designed the wall to include wind vents combined with vertical tensioned reinforced pockets spread evenly along the wall.


AKD were impressed with the detail and quality of the design, alongside the timing and costs of the project. The wall was installed within the proposed time frame and to budget and AKD were really happy with the outcome.

Now halfway into its temporary installation role, the wall has performed exceptionally well and has prevented rain and wind into the building, allowing manufacturing activities to proceed as planned.

How Polytex can help

Have a similar extension project and need to build temporary protection for produce? Get in touch with the team at Polytex to see how we can customise a solution to meet your requirements.