Truck Tarp Safeguards

Tarping safety is an absolute priority when it comes to moving cargo and trucking. Safety for the truck driver, other drivers on the road, pedestrians and the cargo itself relies on the correct usage of truck tarps (tarpaulin). Significant attention should always be given to this aspect of trucking as an injury could cause a fatality and can easily be avoided through conducting the correct procedures. Every worker for a shipping company should have the required training needed to operate this machinery; this is not a training manual and should not be treated as one. This blog post is a short informational safeguard for anybody involved in trucking.


Firstly, it is important to note that only the shipping company is responsible for removing the tarp covering on the truck when a shipment arrives. Under no circumstances should the recipients remove these coverings.

Safety Measures

  • Corners of tarps must be adequately fastened.
  • The rear must always be unrolled before the front.
  • No walking or standing on top of the load only crawling.
  • When loading during below freezing temperatures always do this process indoors to avoid freezing the truck tarps.

Risk Avoidance

  • Just because a truck tarp is lightweight doesn’t mean it is necessarily safer to use, they pose other risks and hazards which should be recognized.
  • Scaffolding needs to be used in windy conditions to avoid the wind blowing the tarps of a truck, potentially injuring workers.
  • Mechanical aids reduce the risk of worker strain when manually handling truck tarps.

Top 5 Things to Know While Shopping For Tarps in Australia

Whether you are utilizing them for cattle shades, as shelter covers or dam liners, you can accomplish a number of tasks with highly versatile tarps these days. However, you need to be careful while shopping for tarpaulins as the sheer number of choices available in the market can leave you scratching your head, and you may end up buying wrong tarps. In an effort to assist buyers in buying the tarps that can serve their purpose perfectly, we have prepared a list of 5 things you need to consider while buying your tarps in Australia.


  1. Know your needs and tarps – Though tarps have a number of uses in these times and they are probably the most crucial component of any emergency gear, in order to pick the right tarps you’ll need to know your exact needs and some tarps basics. Therefore, the tarps used for shelter covers are somewhat different then the tarps used by poultry supplies in Australia. To make an informed decision, you need to familiarize yourself with some basic tarp terms, such as thickness, cut-size and mesh count, among others. Just remember a few simple rules while choosing your tarpaulins. If you are planning to use them for some heavy duty applications, opt for thicker tarps with higher mesh count or water-proof polythene tarpaulins and vice versa. Lastly, make sure to choose the right sized tarps for your needs.


  1. Ease of installation – Though most tarps can be readily installed by tying a few knots, certain applications require high levels of expertise and skill set for proper installation. For instance in camping you’ve to take into account factors, such as surroundings and weather conditions. Other factors that can affect the installation of tarps are – direction of wind, availability of trees or bushes for support and presence of natural windbreaks and so on and so forth. If you require tarps for such challenging applications, you should go for ones that can be easily installed and can withstand extreme weather conditions.


  1. Types of tarpaulins – There is a great variety of tarps available in the market, and choosing the right one for you is entirely dependent on your needs. Ranging from fire-resistant and UV protected tarps to heavy duty truck tarpaulin, buyers have a plenty of choices at their disposal these days.  For instance if you are looking for tarps for grain bunkers, it’s recommend to buy heavy duty, water poof tarps. Similarly, hay tarps are perfect for your hay storage needs as these tarps are great to attain well-ventilated conditions while protecting your hay from moisture at the same time.


  1. Materials – Another important factor to keep in mind while purchasing your tarps in Australia is the material of tarps. Again, it depends on your budget and the application you want to use it for. If you are short on budget, but looking for tough water-proof options, choosing polythene tarpaulins is your best bet. On the other hand, if you are planning to use for applications, such as to reduce the wind flow, breathable mesh tarpaulin would be a great option for you.


5 Duration of protection – If you are buying tarpaulins for protection purposes, make sure to consider the time period for which you want to protect your goods. If you are considering protection for more than six months at a stretch, invest in high quality tarpaulins regardless of the cost.


Order the Best Custom Tarps Tailored to Suit a Myriad of Requirements and Applications

Tarpaulins are quite handy for a diverse range of applications. Many Australians rely on tarps to protect their cars and Recreational Vehicles (RVs) from the elements. Others use tarps as livestock shade structures. In these situations, tarps play a vital role in keeping the cattle and poultry sheltered and comfortable. Similarly, if you want to cover your swimming pool, you will probably invest in a high-quality tarp.

Tarps offer a lot of versatility. As such, it is hardly a surprise that many industries across the country require high-quality tarps for various applications. This is precisely what Polytex Tarpaulins specialises in. We’re one of Australia’s leading suppliers of big tarpaulins. Our products are suitable for use in all kinds of agricultural, mining and industrial applications. So, whether you require bunker covers for keeping your bulk mulch produce safe or tarps that can act as factory dividers, we can give you exactly what you need.

People in homes and industries will always find a diverse range of ways for using tarps. In many cases, they will be able to use the tarp they currently have for meeting their present requirements. But, this is not always possible. At these times, they might need to look around for a new tarp. Unfortunately, finding the perfect readymade tarp at your local store is not always possible. In cases featuring certain unique requirements, you will typically need to obtain custom tarps. This will invariably necessitate some detailed measurements and expert guidance.

At Polytex Tarpaulins, the quality of our products has contributed immeasurably to our reputation. Our products offer immense versatility. You could use our tarps as poultry curtains. Or, you could use them as truck tarps to keep your cargo and goods safe. But, in some cases, you will require tarps tailored to suit your measurements and requirements. This is where it makes perfect sense to shop with us.

Not only do we have an extensive experience in manufacturing tarps of all kinds of materials and sizes. We specialise in fabricating long, large covers and bulk production runs too. It is worth highlighting that we can manufacture over 15,000 square metres of tarps per day. In addition, we have immense experience in producing tarps suitable for use as cattle shade structures or dam liners. Above all, we can give you the guidance you seek when manufacturing custom tarps. Thus, you can rest assured about getting the best value for your money each time you place your order with us.

Readymade tarps are undoubtedly easy to find. Purchasing them can be even simpler. Depending on your requirements, you could use these tarps as shelter covers for various mining, military, agricultural or industrial purposes. But, you might not always have a situation where a one-size-fits-all approach will work. In such situations, you will need to shop for custom tarps. Custom tarps typically offer higher levels of customisation, tailored to suit your needs perfectly. In addition, they will offer better coverage than readymade tarps as well.

At Polytex, we offer tarps of various shapes and sizes. These are ideal for use as wall dividers or even, as grain bunker tarps. Some tarps can even double up to meet other requirements as well. For instance, you could use our products to cover your swimming pool too. But, if your swimming pool is not rectangular, you will likely require a custom-made tarp. With custom tarps, you can not only select the material of your choice. You can specify any additional requirements as well. For instance, you could opt for tarps that keep out bugs, leaves and other debris, but let the rainwater through. Or, you could opt for tarps that keep the rainwater out too.

If you want the best protection for your vehicle from tree saps, bird droppings and harsh weather conditions, form-fitting tarps will be your best bet. We have extensive experience in providing readymade and custom tarps designed for use as eco shelters and factory curtains. In addition, we can make such tarps in accordance with the make and model of your vehicle.

Custom-made tarps will not flap loosely in the wind. Nor will they sag or leak while in storage. Similarly, custom truck tarps will not only keep your cargo secure. They will be able to resist the constant pull of gravity that they will invariably experience as the trucks move at high speeds uphill, downhill and around curves. We reinforce our tarps with heat-sealed seams, reinforced corners and strategically placed D-rings for additional strength too. This is why our bunker tarps and pig shelters offer years of use.


Polytex Tarpaulins is the name to trust when you require premium-quality tarps. We are the suppliers of choice to several businesses in the agricultural and industrial sectors throughout the country. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities supply grain and hay tarps to each corner of the country. Rely on us to offer quality products and prompt deliveries.

How Should You Go About Finding a Tarp that Meets Your Requirements?

As mentioned earlier, finding a tarp is very easy. Tarp retailers would have no dearth of options, when it comes to showing you their wares. However, the wide range of tarps on offer could leave you confused. You might still have the dimensions of the space you want to cover. However, if you purchase the wrong tarp, you could end up wasting your money.

When you need to purchase a tarp, ensure:

  • That you consider the type of material the tarp is made of (canvas and polyethylene tarps are the most popular)
    • The material of the tarp must be appropriate for the use you have in mind
    • For example, purchasing a mesh tarp for protecting your livestock is grossly inappropriate
  • That your tarp has the ability to withstand the wind and the elements
  • That you purchase a tarp of the right size for your requirements
  • That the tarp you purchase is easy to install and remove
  • That you purchase a sufficient amount of grommets (metal reinforced holes for securing the tarp to the ground)

Are You Looking for a Reliable Supplier of High-Quality Tarps in Australia?

Polytex Tarpaulins has been a leading provider of tarpaulins and other similar products since the 1990s. Each day, we fabricate over 8,000 square metres of fabric. In addition, we also specialise in an assortment of fabric welding techniques. These include techniques like hot air welding, high frequency welding etc.

We only use the best available fabrics from Asia, Europe and Argentina. This highlights our immense focus on providing quality products at cost effective rates. Therefore, it is unsurprising that our clients use our products for various agricultural, industrial and commercial purposes. In fact, we supply tarps to many clients from the construction and mining sectors too.

Therefore, when you need a supplier who can design, manufacture, service and deliver the right product promptly, depend on Polytex Tarpaulins. Call us at 1300 059 003 for more details.