Minimising Energy Use in the Poultry Industry with Polytex Fan Covers

It’s the time of year to be giving consideration to the coming colder months and the great benefits from eliminating & minimising unwanted cold airflows from within production areas, reducing energy usage and enhancing the environment for growth.

Polytex tarpaulins has developed a new style fan cover to stop the cold drafts that penetrate into growing areas through the fans.

The main feature of this new fan cover is it is a quick release cover that blows off the fan as soon as the fan starts up  it also has a retainer strap that keeps the cover from being misplaced.

These Polytex fan covers are now being widely used throughout the poultry industry and help efficiencies of product along with many other specialist products manufactured by Polytex including brooder curtains, air control curtains, thermal & standard blinds, door covers & cool cell covers just to name a few!

Polytex supplies the poultry industry Australia wide with fast delivery times due to ‘state of the art’ manufacturing equipment and the Polytex factories being ideally situated in the hub of freight lines from QLD to SA and everywhere in between

Polytex Ratch-e-tarp for the Hay Industry

The well know Ratch-e-tarp has proved to be a hay tarp winner within the hay industry. Many hay producers are using the Polytex Ratch-e-tarp to cover their hay stacks. 1 bale wide (2.4m) by 10 bales long (12m). When stacks are constructed 4 to 5 bales high it makes it an ideal ‘truck load stack’

As a hay tarp the Polytex Ratch-e-tarp is a time saving innovation becase it utilises webbing and ratchets to secure the tarpaulin very quickly & securely using a minimum amount of tie downs to fasten the hay tarp against wind. It is well known that eyelet tie downs are not successful or sufficient to secure hay tarps against wind damage. The most important feature of a hay tarpaulin is to keep it tight therefore protecting the hay cover as well as the product being covered.

The ratchet tarp is also used in the cotton industry for the covering of square modules (8’ x 40’) Also another innovation of Polytex is the Emergency Round Bale Ratch-e-tarp for the cover of Cotton Round Bales when they are damaged.

The Polytex Ratch-e-tarp is protected by IP Australia registrations.


Polytex Tarps is a major supplier of big tarpaulins covering all areas of agriculture, industry & mining requirements.
Polytex Tarpaulins has been manufacturing bunker covers to suit some very large stockpiles for a producer of bulk mulch produce.

The stockpiles were made into bunkers approximately 50m x 300m requiring 8 bunker covers per bunker that were 60m Wide x 40m Long. The specification requirement was for the eight covers to be joined before pulling the completed cover onto the stockpile, because of the size of the bunker cover it required a high tensile strength in the fabric yet it still had to be of a manageable weight for the tarpaulin to be pulled onto the stack; the combined weight of the completed cover being approx. 6.5tonne.

The bunker cover was pulled into place using 2 large excavators & because of the high tensile strength of the tarpaulin, the 340GSM PE poly tarpaulin was successfully pulled across the stockpiles without any tearing of the bunker cover.

Any requirement that agriculture, industry & mining may have for the covering of all manner of product whether it be grain bunker cover, cover & tarp for woodchip, sawdust, mineral sand or composting, whatever the requirement is they can be confident when supplied by Polytex Tarpaulins.
Whether a tarpaulin cover or liner is required in Tasmania or Nth QLD Polytex Tarps can keep you covered Rain, Hail or Shine.