Common Uses Of Polytex Tarps On Australian Farms

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2017-11-27

Preserve crops

The environment at a farm site can be unpredictable due to different seasons we deal with all year round. One of the basic functions of poly tarps is to help farmer owners preserve their crops against harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or heavy downpour. Hay tarps are used to prevent harvested hay from developing molds or fermenting quickly.

Protective shield for your farm equipment

The cost of farm equipment units can be very expensive. A small farm that has limited funds to invest on a permanent storage structure to store farm equipment and tools will benefit from temporary storage structures made from poly tarps. Tarps are affordable and offer a wide range of seasonal protective covering from livestock shade structures, cattle shade structures, bunker tarps to the smallest poultry curtains. Tarps can be cumtomise to suit every farmer’s needs and budget.

Load hauling

Among the uses of tarps to farmers is for load hauling when they need to carry their harvested products to the market. For ease while transporting livestock and perishable goods like fruits and veggies, farmers who want to ensure no load gets dispersed on the road use tarps to cover them. Tarps also come handy when farmers need to unload waste materials to designated disposal sites.

Alternative irrigation

There are farmlands in some states of Australia are also exposed to extreme dry spells. If the farm owner can’t afford to build a permanent irrigation, the alternative solution to resolve water supply shortage is the use of Polytex tarps. Here, a temporary trench is created to divert the water to an area where it’s badly needed.

I do hope this topic has shared valuable insights on the many uses of tarps from the most sought eco shelters, grain bunker tarps, hay sheds, temporary warehousing or factory dividers there is a particular tarp to suit your needs. If you own a small farmland and wish to ensure your farm business is protected against unpredictable weather conditions, find out what types of tarps will help you achieve this goal.