Customised Factory dividers !

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2018-02-23

One of the simplest ways to counter the harmful effects of noise pollution lies in using tarpaulins. Factory and other industrial facility owners typically use tarpaulins as factory dividers or divider curtain walls. Similarly, some people use tarpaulins to meet their temporary warehousing needs as well. But, tarpaulins make excellent noise-absorbing curtains too. At Polytex, we specialise in offering made-to-measure acoustic screens. Our Sound Stop acoustic screens make effective noise barriers and absorber curtains. They can easily absorb the sounds of blowers, compressors, large machines and HVAC units. Based on your requirements, we can offer flat panel sections, concertina sections, pelmet sections or clear vision panels and flaps.

For many industrial facility owners, tarps are ideal for creating compartments in large halls. This facilitates the optimal utilisation of space in the facility. So, when you want specific workers to work in silos or compartments, tarps can provide a cost-effective means for remedying the situation. But, many factories and industrial properties remain susceptible to the proliferation of a diverse range of pests and rodents. In many cases, it is not possible to clean these large facilities each day. This aspect makes the facility susceptible to attacks by pests and rodents. If ignored, rodents such as rats could wreak havoc in the facility. They could damage your raw materials or finished goods and render them worthless.

To eliminate such hassles, many industrial property owners fumigate their facilities regularly. Fumigation typically involves spraying fumigant gases throughout the facility to eliminate all kinds of pests. However, many factory owners fumigate their properties in a phased manner to minimise the loss of productive time. In many cases, they accomplish this by using fumigation tarps and covers in their permanent and temporary storage structures. These tarps serve to enclose the fumigated areas completely. This leaves other areas available for work. At the same time, the fumigation tarps provide comprehensive levels of cover, thereby minimising the loss of fumigant gas.