Different Tarps for Different Industries

By: polytex_admin

Posted on: 2020-06-25

Tarps can come in many sizes and variations, they are mainly large sheets of water-resistant and fire-resistant material (either cloth or plastic) that can be made of polyester, polyethylene. Many rely on the functionality of tarpaulins including truck drivers that use truck tarps to keep their cargo safe on the road no matter the conditions. Below is a list of the different types of tarps that can be purchased from retailers.


Waterproof, Fire-resistant, breathable, and chemical resistant canvas tarps are reliable due to their strength and resistance. Commonly used for large equipment and machinery commonly found on oilfields.


This type of tarpaulin is helpfully flr ensuring shade and privacy. Additionally, they are very durable and also flame-resistant. They help with managing hot weather conditions and allow for air to travel through, making it a popular choice for farmers.


These cost-efficient tarps are great for trucking, farming, and construction. They are truly versatile and the all-round best tarp for many industries. Furthermore, they are the most fire-resistant and weather-resistant.


These come in many colors and are great for resisting extreme weather conditions. They also have superior resistance to large amounts of UV. They are costly but well worth it if required.