Disadvantages of Hoop Structures for Pig Shelters

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-12-02

Despite the many benefits of using hooped structures, there are certain situations where they aren’t recommended or applicable. If you are planning to use hooped structures as your pig shelters, then it is only proper that you get acquainted with the different cons of using them. For one, there may be more labor needed in the operation of these hooped structures. Because the flooring is made of dirt, there will be a need to provide hay or corn straws as the bedding for the pigs. Experts would recommend changing these beddings often, which will of course require more work. Along this line, if you don’t have a free source of hay or corn straws, additional labor and expense may be incurred as there is a need to buy and transport them. Secondly, because of the large openings of hooped structures, other animals and pests can easily enter through them. These pests may carry some form or parasite which can affect the health of the pigs. Lastly, certain parts of the country will require taxes and insurance for hooped structures, and it can be a challenge to find insurance companies who are willing to insurance hooped structures.
Despite these disadvantages though, it has been observed that the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks for many hog raisers, which is why hooped structures are still a favourite among many hog raisers all over the world.