Eliminate the Threat of Heat Stress to Your Livestock by Using High-Quality Tarps

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-08-30

Many farmers throughout Australia farm their livestock for various commercial purposes. As such, they are aware that they need to keep their cattle strong and healthy. Weak and unhealthy animals will hardly fetch a good price in the market. In addition, they will hardly be able to yield anything of value either. This is why farmers keep their livestock healthy by providing them with adequate food, water and space.

When the weather becomes harsh and unrelenting, only the bravest of individuals will consider venturing outdoors. This is true for livestock for as well. In cold and wet weather conditions, you will need to provide them with shelter covers. These covers will help the cattle remain warm, dry and comfortable. Similarly, when the temperature rises, you will need to keep your animals cool. Farmers know that regulating the temperature within their cattle shade structures is essential for stronger and healthier animals. This is why they often purchase high-quality tarps instead of building permanent structures.

When it comes to supplying high-quality tarpaulins, Polytex Tarpaulins is second to none. We’re one of the top suppliers of big tarpaulins in Australia. The tarps we supply come into widespread use in the agricultural, industrial and mining sectors. Our tarps are not only durable and cost effective. In many cases, the innovations we use for manufacturing tarps makes them ideally suited for a diverse range of applications. For instance, the Polytex Ratch-e-tarp has become one of the most popular hay tarps in the country. Ideal for protecting the hay from the elements, this tarp has become popular in the cotton industry as well.