Fabric Facades

ARCHITEX Fabric Façade Structures enhance the design, budget & building performance, plus bring aesthetically pleasing opportunity to a NEW architectural creation or any existing refurbishment challenge. Fabric Façade attributes are best considered early in the design process. However, consideration late in the building program can also bring many unimaginable benefits to any project.

Fabric Façade Design options are limitless, and open to the creative imagination. With a broad fabric colour selection available, this makes nearly any building design possible. Façade Fabrics have the ability to span great distances, this versatility plus the option of prefabricated framing systems, allows ARCHITEX the ability to utilize the required system needed to customize and cater for the interchangeable layouts & configurations of each individual project.



  • Large Span Façade Screening
  • Optimized Framing Solutions
  • Façade Branding Options


  • Design Simplicity
  • Creativity
  • Value Adding
  • Aesthetic Characteristics
  • Refurbishments
  • SunShading
  • Solar Protection
  • Thermal Properties