Hay Sheds for Storing Your Crop

By: polytex_admin

Posted on: 2020-11-30

Hay and other grains are the result of many months of work on Australian farms and can be a major source of income. Whether it is used for feed or sold, it is vital to protect the grain until it is required to preserve the crop and maintain its condition. There are a few different ways in which hay can be protected, permanent barns, hay sheds from tarpaulins, and bunkers. Each of these has benefits and drawbacks depending on the length of storage and climate.

Tarps are often used for grain storage and can take many forms, from bunkers to temporary warehouse structures. Hay sheds may be as simple as a roof supported over the grain to protect it from the elements but many will have three or even 4 walls. These walls provide additional protection for the grain from winds and contaminants. As they use tarps for the roof and walls, these semi-permanent structures are very simple to assemble and can be built in days.

Permanent barns and other grain storage buildings provide similar protection and are more permanent but can also take weeks to build and require regular maintenance. Hay sheds made with quality tarpaulins can be assembled in a matter of days and can be relocated if required. They also require less maintenance and upkeep as the plastics used are strong, durable and come with protective coating. It is important to ensure tarps are properly secured and not able to be dislodged by wind which may lead to crop damage.

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