Industrial Tarpaulins – Different Types and Uses

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2019-01-18

Industrial tarpaulins are a common sight due to their versatile uses. You can easily see them in factories, farms and on roads where they cover the side of lorries or, top of flatbed trailers. To make the best purchase you need to understand the type of tarp you need which depends on what you need the cover for. Industrial tarpaulins are of different types since they are made using different materials, each having a particular purpose. UV resistant Industrial tarpaulins are available in different colours and generally used to protect machines, buildings or, crops stored underneath.  Fire retardant Industrial tarpaulins are very common and extremely popular for their fire resistance and reinforced corners. Truck tarps are heavy duty industrial tarpaulins which have reinforced D-rings and used on flatbed trailers. The insulated industrial tarpaulins having insulating material on one end and polyethylene on the other. There are pool tarps which are completely waterproof and protects water from leaves and debris.