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Introducing the new HEXACOVER

Introducing the new HEXA-COVER

Three important questions;

  1. Losing 20-30% of your Water through evaporation annually?
  2. Fear the associated risks of contaminated water from unwanted wildlife and bird activity?
  3. Near to neighbours and town and have concerns as to odour control?

For several years now Polytex has been asked by many clients as to Dam Covers, Netting and solutions for the reduction of Bird ActivityOdour Control and Evaporation.

The HEXA-COVER as displayed at the recent 2022 PIX/AMC Pork Event has met each of these requests and created fresh inspiration within the Industry.

Hexa-Cover is the Answer to: “Better Water and More of It”

Please feel free to contact us for your free Hexa-Cover sample and any further information on any of the Polytex branded products. Click here for more information or call Polytex on 1300 059 003 to discuss your requirements.