Introducing the New Round Bale Cover from Polytex Emergency Covers for Round Bale Film Problems – On farm or Ginning Site

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2015-06-17

After listening to cotton growers & cotton gin managers, Polytex has come up with another innovation that is needed by all cotton growers and cotton ginning companies who are producing and processing round bales.
Many will have experienced the problems of handling a round bale when the initial film cover starts giving way, this may happen in the handling either in the field or at the gin.
For the grower in the field once the cover gives way completely it is an arduous process to hand feed the loose cotton back through the picker – the Polytex emergency Ratch-e-tarp for round bales is used by the grower only when there is a problem with the initial film cover. The round bale Ratch-e-tarp is placed over the bale before the split or damaged film can let go and is ratcheted up tight holding the cotton in place so the bale can be transported to the gin without further problem. It is advisable for farms using round bales to have 6 to 10 covers or hand for emergency’s.

For the gin manager the same applies. Damage can happen to the round bale film at the gin site again creating a major problem of handling the bales. For the gin site, covers are available to suit single bales or four in a row which is needed when there is splits in a bale within a row.

The emergency cover not only retains the shape of a split cover but also protects the cotton in the event of rain.
For ginning sites to have 6 to 10 covers of both sizes is advisable.

As with the original Ratch-e-tarp the round bale Ratch-e-tarp utilises webbing and ratchets to tightly tension the cover in place. Ratch-e-tarps are available from the manufacturer Polytex.