Manufacturing tarpaulins !

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2018-02-09

At Polytex, we pay a great deal of attention to manufacturing tarpaulins that are durable and effective. We use only the best quality poly fabrics for producing our tarpaulin products. In most cases, our tarps comprise premium-grade fabrics from renowned brands such as Tarpee, Landmark and Canvacon. Our products will not only serve you for years. They will offer high utility value as well – regardless of whether you prefer to use them as warehouse divider walls or eco shelters. Not surprisingly, our products are in high demand in the trucking, mining, construction and agricultural sectors of Australia.

Our stockpile covers will secure your commodities from the wind and rain. In addition, they will ensure that your commodities and materials do not deteriorate because of ultraviolet radiation. Our tarps score highly in terms of tear resistance and ultraviolet resistance. Moreover, they come with roped edges, eyelets, pockets and Velcro fasteners that keep the tarps securely anchored. It is worth highlighting that the material we use for making tarps is lightweight. This makes the tarp easier to handle. At the same time, despite being lightweight, the tarp material resists water penetration and puncturing. This is why it is ideal for using as poultry curtains and grain bunkers as well.

The stockpile covers that we produce are easy to spread out and pull back. Our trained workforce and cutting-edge equipment enable us to produce these covers to any size specifications that you might have. Unlike other manufacturers of stockpile covers and hay tarps, we weld as many parts of the tarp cover as possible. This enhances the strength of the welded components. As such, unlike stitched components, our components will not rot, break or leak. These aspects, in conjunction with our affordable rates, make our tarpaulin products among the best throughout the country.

Our stockpile covers and bunker tarps are:

 Ideal for providing seasonal storage protection
 Superlative in terms of providing flexible storage solutions
 Affordable
 Reusable
 Weatherproof and,
 Fire-resistant

When you shop with us, you can expect tarps that offer the best value for your money. Our highly skilled workforce can manufacture custom fabricated products to suit your specific needs. And, if you want to colour code your tarps, we can give you a wide selection of colours to choose from. So, the next time you need landfill or stockpile covers, think of us. Call us at 1300 059 003 for more details.