Noise Reduction Features

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-03-22

Noise is a common problem in many factories. Operations usually start in the early mornings and go on ‘til night. Some factories even operate for 24 hours. Throughout those hours, it is normal for loud equipment and  machines to be running. Many factories are also composed of several working departments, many of which will be using some sort of machines that emit sounds. In these cases, these loud (and often irritating) noises can have a distracting and overwhelming effect on the employees and personnel, which can also have an effect on their productivity and their focus.

If your factory makes use of such equipment, it is very important that you do everything possible in order to help reduce the noise, not only for their productivity’s sake, but also for their health because constant exposure to noise can have detrimental effects on an individual’s hearing and stress levels. And even ear plugs are not always the best solution since they’ve been found to cause permanent muffled hearing over time. Still though, ear plugs are one solution, but in order to further reduce the noise, consider installing factory dividers on your factory. Specially crafted divider curtains can help to muffle the sounds coming the machines located on the other side of the facility. They are capable of absorbing sound waves and can greatly reduce the sound volume. This sound muffling feature is sure to be a welcome relief to you and your personnel.