Overcome Water Shortage Problems with Durable PVC Reservoir and Dam Liners

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2017-12-30

Jobs in the agricultural and rural sectors invariably have farming at their core. Some farmers will focus primarily on growing hay or a variety of other crops. Similarly, others will expend their time and energy towards rearing cattle and livestock for various purposes. Regardless of the different kinds of activities that these individuals will be focusing on, the fact remains that they will inevitably require durable and cost-effective tarpaulins.


For years, many Australians have been using tarp covers to meet a myriad of industrial and agricultural requirements. Industrial facilities often feature large expanses of working space, where various activities take place at the same time. In some cases, factory owners might find that they need to create compartments or pockets of space to meet short-term requirements. In this scenario, these facility owners often use tarps as factory dividers and warehouse divider walls.


In the rural sector too, tarps serve to meet a myriad of needs. During the harvest season, farmers typically rely on hay tarps and grain bunkers to keep their produce safe. Tarps are essential for farmers raising cattle too. The harsh Australian weather could affect the productivity of the livestock. To keep their animals safe, farmers invariably find that tarps make ideal shelter covers. In addition, the Australian bush and rural communities have found another use for tarps. These individuals use tarps to prevent the loss of water in their ponds and dams.


When it comes to manufacturing tarps of all kinds, Polytex Tarpaulins is the supplier of choice for many businesses across Australia. We specialise in manufacturing tarps, blinds, tarpaulin covers and liners ideal for use in industrial, commercial and agricultural establishments. Since the 1990s, we have been providing specialist tarpaulin products to a myriad of Australian business enterprises.


At Polytex Tarpaulins, we remain committed to supplying quality tarpaulin products. In addition, we believe that business establishments could require tarps in minimal timeframes to meet a wide range of purposes. To accomplish this, we have invested significantly in acquiring cutting-edge machinery and equipment in our purpose-built factories located in the Riverina. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to design and manufacture the right products in minimal timeframes. Moreover, the location of our factories in the hub of Australia’s freight lines enables us to ship our tarpaulins speedily to all parts of the country.


As mentioned before, farmers use bunker tarps for keeping their agricultural produce safe. But, to accomplish a plentiful harvest, farmers in the Australian bush and rural areas need to irrigate their fields regularly. Unfortunately, these areas usually experience severe water shortages. To tide over their water requirements, the farmers rely heavily on water dams and ponds. These water bodies are useful for storing water. Thus, they provide a practical and effective way for overcoming water shortages.


However, water dams and ponds could end up losing a significant volume of water through seepage and evaporation. Preventing the evaporation of water is hardly feasible. But, by using tarpaulins as dam liners, farmers can eliminate the problem of seepage. The material used for making tarps will typically feature identical levels of thickness. Thus, the thickness of the tarp will remain consistent throughout the entire floor area of the dam. This will serve to negate the loss of water through seepage.


Polytex Tarpaulins specialises in producing a diverse range of tarps. Whether you need temporary storage structures or warehouse divider curtains, we can make any kind of tarps. More importantly, we have the resources needed to tailor tarps to suit your specific needs. So, if you were to purchase your dam and pond liners from us, we would ascertain various aspects of the tarp such as: