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Piggery Eco Shelter Cover Replacements

Do you need to replace your piggery eco shelter cover? Polytex Tarpaulins can help!

Polytex manufactures a range of shelter covers for agricultural, industrial & mining operations Australia wide & overseas.

Very large covers are manufactured using high tensile strength polyethylene and Polypropylene fabrics from 260GSM up to 400GSM. These fabrics when tensioned securely have an excellent record of durability in all types of geographical locations. Polytex Tarpaulins shelter covers can be found from the cyclone prone areas of North Western Australia and Northern Territory for the mining industry to the windy areas of South Australia for large scale piggery operations.

The sizes of Polytex Shelter Covers vary from up to 50m wide down to the smaller shelters of 10m wide. Some shelter covers have been produced up to 70m – 240m long.

Polytex piggery shelter covers are manufactured using unique welding equipment & innovative techniques with only minimal stitching to reinforce pressure points and ensure durability of the covers. Polytex produces eco shelter covers using the superior welded sleeve system that utilizes ratchets for tensioning rather than the outdated eyelet/rope method. The welded sleeve system on shelter covers allows for smooth initial tensioning and easy re-tensioning ensuring longevity of the eco shelter cover.

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