Piggery products – Importance of Ventilation Tubing

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2019-01-22

There are different piggery products which are necessary to ensure optimal living conditions for pigs viz. ventilation tubing, Shelter covers, side & end blinds and Thermal covers. Inefficient ventilation can be detrimental to pig and costs more to run a piggery.

In hot weather, appetite will be suppressed and the air quality will deteriorate which makes the pigs more susceptible to disease and also affects the quality of piggery products. The temperature sensors are extremely important to ensure high quality piggery products since they measure the actual temperature the pigs are experiencing.

Most common types of ventilation systems used for piggery products include Natural ventilation and fan ventilation. The process of supplying air to the pig farm and removing air from an indoor space without using any mechanical system is Natural ventilation. The size of ventilation tubing is often adjusted to control the temperature inside the building.

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