Playground shade

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-07-30

Another popular place where you’ll see shade sails are in playgrounds – be it at school or a community or local park. This is rather necessary, given the hot temperatures that we experience in the country. But aside from providing a cooling shade for our children, shade sails perform a more crucial task – that is, keeping our children safe and free from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun by acting as solid shelter covers. These UV rays are known to cause a variety of skin problems, from minor issues like sunburn to more concerning ones like skin cancer. It is also common to suffer from heat stroke for older people simply walking or lounging in the park. By using shade sails, we can drastically reduce the effects of these UV rays on our children and adults as they go about playing and relaxing in the park.
However, in order to truly provide protection from the sun, one must carefully choose the type of fabric that will be used in the shade sail structure. Low quality fabrics will offer little to no protection at all, and using them completely defeats the purpose of installing a shade sail. Good quality fabrics on the other hand are made under certain techniques and regulations – these standards allow manufacturers to create shade sail fabrics that can block out up to 98% of harmful ultra violet rays from the sun.