Pointers To Remember When Designing Temporary Warehousing

Are you worried where to store your overstock? If your existing warehouse cannot accommodate the possible overstock issue in coming months here are some pointers to address in case you decided to build a temporary warehousing space.

  • Present warehouse space layout

This is very crucial when planning to build a temporary warehousing, evaluate first your existing warehouse space layout based on its storage capacity, flow and utilization. Why? You need to fully understand how the present warehousing facility works for various areas such as receiving, packing, inventory as well as shipping.

  • Vertical space availability

Now that you have a clear picture of the present layout of your existing warehousing space the next concern when designing the new layout of a temporary warehousing structure is the availability of vertical space. Ask yourself, “What is the ideal cubic feet measurement for vertical space? Include on your estimate the installation of fire safety features like fire sprinklers.

  • Department space

For areas that may not require high ceiling space it’s essential you take into account any possibility of having unused department space intended for packing or shipping. Why? Whatever your inspection will derive it will dictate the final layout and height of a temporary warehousing space.

  • Multiple locations

Some warehousing spaces have multiple locations where similar items are stored. However, if you are about to construct a temporary warehousing unit the idea of combining multiple locations would be a wise move for improved space utilisation.

  • Width of the aisle

One of the pointers that you should not miss when designing a temporary warehouse is the width along the aisle. The aisle width measurement will be based on the type of equipment or material you will use during the operation. Remember, ample space is needed along the aisle if you don’t want to compromise the day-to-day operation.

  • Depth of storage

Another concern that you should consider while in the designing phase for a temporary warehousing is the depth of storage. Similar to height measurements of different locations the depth of storage plays a vital role in the overall performance of a temporary warehousing space, particularly for double-deck racking.

  • Storage for supply

If you need to store packing materials and other supplies, include as well the storage for supply when designing a temporary warehouse. Why? This will help you manage effectively your inventory and reduce overstocks.

  • Door usage

The door is also an important part of a warehouse. If you have a separate area for receiving and shipping why not combine both and install one door as the main point of entry to save space.

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