Polytac® Repair Tape

Polytac Repair Tape from Polytex is a reliable, long-lasting adhesive tape and sealant that has excellent tack, tensile strength and water resistance that you can trust for the most critical area of application. It is used within the agricultural industry for sealing, joining or repairing polyethylene tarpaulin or sheeting in dam liners, grain bunkers cotton module covers, used for sealing water tanks, silos and geo textiles.


Low Temperature Resistant

Tests indicated that no brittleness occurred after the tape was subjected to -30ºC for two hours.

Heat Resistant

Tests indicated that no peeling, flow or cracking after the tape was subjected to a temperature of 120ºC for twenty four hours.

Weather Resistant

A sample was adhered on a stainless steel plate and exposed to a weather meter for 500 hours (65ºC 12/60minutes rain cycle). No peeling, flow or cracking were observed.

5 Year Shelf Life

5 years (when stored in temperature under 40ºC and not exposed to direct sunlight).