Polytex Covers !

Many businesses throughout Australia use our polyfabric covers as:

  • Thermal Covers: These are ideal for preventing the loss of heat. As such, they are ideal for use in pig shelters. In addition, some people use them as insulating covers for heated swimming pools as well. These covers are lightweight and easy to store. So, all you need to do is to roll them up and put them away during the warmer months.
  • Machinery Covers: When you want to prevent dust from accumulating and damaging your machines, consider using these covers. Constructed from polyfabrics, these covers can prevent your machines from rusting. In addition, we can make customised covers for machinery of all shapes and sizes. Our machinery and shelter covers can prolong the life of your expensive machines and equipment. This is especially when you won’t be using these machines for extended stretches of time.
  • Composting Covers: Farmers use these covers for preventing the compost from drying out. Polyfabric is the top material of choice in this scenario. It can shed water easily. It is lightweight and easy to use outdoors also. Above all though, it is ideal for maintaining the appropriate levels of heat and humidity necessary for composting. As such, it can help in speeding up the process. At the same time, it can help in facilitating uniform decomposition too.
  • Grain Bunker Tarps: These are ideal for storing large volumes of grain cost effectively. Many farmers spend a fortune in building or renting large storage or warehousing facilities for safeguarding their produce. These tarps can protect your produce safe from insects, the elements and all kinds of pests too.

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