Polytex eco shelters specialists !

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2017-10-31

At Polytex, we manufacture tarps for ordinary and heavy-duty use. For meeting your short-term or temporary requirements, a regular tarp would be suitable. For instance, if you want to use the tarp in your eco shelters or as poultry curtains, regular tarps would be more than equal to the task. However, in some cases, investing in heavy-duty tarps could be worthwhile.

Consider a situation where your facility, barn or livestock shelter has a leaky roof. You might not be able to devote your time and attention towards repairing it in the near future. This is especially so if you’re busy with the harvest or other activities. In this scenario, you could purchase a heavy-duty tarp and place it over your barns and hay sheds. It will remain secure until you can fix the roof permanently.

Similarly, several construction companies use tarps for covering their machines and equipment. In many cases, these machines will remain in the open at the construction site. PVC tarps can cover these machines effectively. In addition, builders could use these tarps for covering piles of wood and other building materials that could rot or become useless on coming into contact with water. In some cases, you could use these tarps to meet your short-term storage needs as well. You could simply create temporary storage structures by enclosing an area with a heavy-duty tarp.

Investing in cutting-edge technology has been an obsession with us at Polytex. Research and development often helps companies emerge with better products. Similarly, using advanced technology enables us to manufacture durable and robust poly tarps. Our state-of-the-art facilities feature the latest CAD drawing machines, computerised fabric plotting and cutting equipment etc. These enable us to produce top notch welded tarpaulin fabric products that make superior shelter covers and bunker tarps.

When you purchase a tarp, ensure that you can use it for the purpose you have in mind. For instance, if you need to cover your car or your swimming pool, a regular tarp could be perfect. However, for commercial use, ensure that you invest in durable and strong poly tarps. These heavy-duty tarps are not only good for use in livestock and pig shelters. They make excellent covers for your carports and All-Terrain Vehicles too. Similarly, in the trucking industry, it is essential to protect the goods or material that the truck is carrying. A heavy-duty tarp can easily help you achieve this objective.

Poly tarps come in a diverse range of sizes, shapes and colours. They offer comprehensive levels of protection. They are extremely versatile as well. More importantly, they could easily last you for some years. This is why they are ideal for meeting your temporary warehousing and storage needs. Building a permanent structure will not only cost you money. It will hinder your flexibility as well, should your needs change over the years. In contrast, you will be able to use your poly tarps wherever you wish to. And, when you don’t require the tarp, you can simply fold it and store it with minimal fuss.

When you want affordable and long-lasting tarps, simply source your tarp from Polytex. Our welded tarpaulin products come into widespread use in the agricultural, commercial and industrial sectors. We specialise in fabricating long and large covers. In addition, we can do bulk production runs for any kinds of tarps each day. From dam liners to hay tarps, we have it all. To order a custom tarp, call us at 1300 059 003.