Polytex Eco Shelters !

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2015-07-15

When it comes to providing high quality welded fabric products designed to meet the specialised requirements for the piggery industry, Polytex Tarpaulins is the name to bank on. For years, we have produced custom designed eco shelters. Our shelter covers enable installers to minimise their installation times significantly. In addition, they facilitate the easier tensioning of covers as well.

Tarpaulin covers and hay bales are often ideal for constructing temporary piggery shelters. These shelters keep your livestock adequately protected from the elements. They also do not end up costing you much.

However, if you’re looking for a cost effective, long-term solution, you would do well to consider custom designed cattle shade structures or pig shelters. These are especially useful if you cannot allocate permanent space for your livestock on your property. These products offer the required levels of flexibility. Moreover, they offer exceptional value for money too.

At Polytex Tarpaulins, you can obtain a variety of products to keep your livestock safe. We offer cost effective products such as piggery blinds, thermal covers, air baffle curtains, ventilation tubes etc. Our thermal covers offer exceptional levels of insulation in winter. They’re easy to roll and store in summers as well.

The tarpaulins we offer at Polytex are incredibly strong, lightweight and waterproof. We use advanced seam bonding and welding techniques to offer the best material at sizes that are convenient. From poultry curtains to bunker tarps, we offer it all. Call us at 1300 059 003 for more details.