Polytex Top-Notch Products Especially for the Poultry Industry

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2015-09-10

Of all the meat-producing enterprises, the poultry industry offers several advantages when it comes to producing food for the regular household. Some of these include:

Polytex has a formidable reputation for providing bunker tarps or tarps for use as livestock shade structures. We’re the brand that many agricultural and industrial businesses rely on. Even the construction and mining sectors depend on us extensively for top quality products.

In the poultry industry, housing your chickens well is an important consideration. Many poultry businesses construct specific shelters to keep their poultry safe. However, poultry shelters do not involve as much detail and space as pig shelters do. This is why many farmers utilise their existing buildings for housing their chickens.

Some of the pre-requisites that a good poultry shelter will need to possess include:

Polytex has a tremendous understanding of the specific requirements of poultry farmers. This is why we’ve come up with various products especially for them. For instance, we offer a new style fan cover that suits a variety of sizes and configurations. These fan covers feature auto release attachment systems that release the fan covers automatically once the fan starts. They are ideal for large cone fans and smaller square-shaped units. They can minimise the unwanted cold airflows from your eco shelters.

For years, Polytex has earned renown throughout the country for its high quality hay tarps and factory dividers. However, we also offer other useful products for the poultry industry. Some of our most popular offerings include:

Polytex uses the latest manufacturing equipment for delivering high quality products with prompt delivery times. Located in the hub of freight lines from QLD to SA, our factories can churn out high production runs of tarps for your requirements. So, whether you need grain bunker tarps or other products, purchase the best items from Polytex.