Poultry Equipment essential to the industry!

By: polytex_admin

Posted on: 2020-06-04

Fabric structures are vital to the integrity and efficiency of agricultural property. With the correct poultry equipment, energy use can be minimized and the environment for poultry production can be enhanced. Supplier of fabric structures and tarpaulin “Polytex” offer quality poultry equipment such as side blinds, fan covers, rollup doors, brooder and air control curtains as well as other items that solve poultry dilemmas.

Brooder Curtains

Air control is greatly important to the functioning of any farm and the poultry industry is no exception. Fully welded brooder curtains allow for access, reinforced feeder, and drink line slits, lifting sleeves without sacrificing vital air control and energy costs to re-control the airflow.

Cool Cell Covers

These poultry supplies popular in Australia also allow the restriction of airflow in colder months for the maintaining of peak production conditions. Acting as specialist zip covers they make sectioning off areas for air control a stress-free process.

Thermal Blinds

Triple-layered thermal side blinds for poultry sheds allow for decreasing internal summer temperatures and increasing winter temperatures by up to 15%. This piece of poultry equipment significantly reduces running costs of heating and cooling and should most definitely be considered by all farmers.