Poultry Equipment – For Successful Poultry Farming

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2019-03-07

For successful poultry farming there are many different types of poultry equipment available in the market. The demand for animal protein is increasing every year due to high population growth. Proper management, care and maintenance of poultry equipment is a must for successful poultry farming.

Incubator is an important poultry equipment which is used for hatching the bird’s egg in a poultry. It allows one to hatch a large number of eggs which is important to ensure high productivity. Diesel and electrical incubators are the most popular in the lot. Feeder is another important poultry equipment which is used to feed the poultry birds. Plastic or metal feeders are used to feed the chicken.

The choice of poultry housing is important and it must ensure proper ventilation and day light management. The house must be kept clean and dry and built in an open air place. Wood powder or tush can be used as litter which must be changed every week.

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