Poultry equipment – Premium Quality Side Curtains

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2019-01-29

Use of premium quality side curtains in a poultry farm will prevent light penetration better than other poultry house curtains. The blackout curtains are an important part of poultry equipment which are specially formulated for broiler houses. The woven polyethylene has a count of 10*8 tapes per inch.

Poultry equipment must ensure superior UV resistance and a perfect blackout environment for the poultry. The whole idea of using side curtains as part of poultry equipment is to ensure natural ventilation during the summer as well as essential protection from harsh winter weather.

The first step in setting up your poultry farm would be to make an informed choice of poultry equipment which includes side curtains, cool cell covers, fan covers, Thermal blinds, shade sails etc. The curtains are available in different styles to meet specific poultry, dairy and hog applications. The insulated curtains are available in both standard and quilted styles.

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