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Almond Protection

Almond Protection

Almond bunker covers and ground sheets are an affordable method for temporary on-farm Almond storage. Polytex have the capacity to produce large numbers of Almond storage covers promptly, arrange for quick transportation Australia-wide as well as supplying specialist equipment required for the Almond storage industry.

Polytex Repair Tap

Repair Tape

Polytac Repair Tape from Polytex has excellent tack, tensile strength, and water resistance that you can trust for most critical

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EnduraBond Tape

Designed specifically for surfaces that require a deeper seal. EnduraBond features a UV stable backing that is available in white

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Glo Mastic


Glo-mastic is a solvent free acrylic all-purpose elastomeric membrane system designed to provide continuous water-tight or gas-tight seal. Ideal choice

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Polytex Cotton Webbing

Cotton Webbing

Cotton Webbing can be used to reinforce sewn seams on Tarps when using Glo-Mastic or Global Tarpseal Products.


  •  Roll – 65mm
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Global Tarpseal

Global Tarp Seal

GLOBAL TARPSEAL RB is very high adhesion rubber modified membrane system designed to provide a continuous water-tight or gas-tight seal

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Polytex Fibre Glass

Fibre Glass

Fibre Glass can be used to reinforce sewn seams on Tarps, Concrete Bunker Walls, Grain Sheds and Silos when using

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World’s best sweeper made from Polyester PBT Bristles. Food grade and extremely durable and wear resistant.



  • MATERIAL : Polypropylene
  • 600mm sweeper
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Grain Bunker Calculator

Grain Bunker Calculator

Download our calculator to get a comprehensive guide to planning and designing your grain storage.


Testimonial – Great product and quick service. POLYTEX is well known as a reputable supplier of quality Australian tarpaulin products.