Brooder Curtains


Minimise your energy costs with brooder curtains by controlling temperature fluctuations.

Brooder curtains, made from industrial-grade tarpaulin, help maintain optimal environmental conditions in the production area by controlling airflow and minimizing temperature fluctuations. Brooder curtains not only help in minimizing of cool airflows coming into the production area but also restricts heat.


🐥 Healthier birds: A stable temperature ensures your flock stays stress-free, leading to improved overall health and productivity.
💰 Cost-effective: With reduced energy consumption for heating and cooling, you’ll see noticeable savings on your energy bills.
🌿 Customizable: Brooder curtains can be tailored to fit your farm’s specific requirements, making them a versatile solution for various farm setups.


  • Two-part brooder curtain
  • Access doors
  • Basic single-section curtains and air control screens


  • Welded for strength
  • Computer Plotted
  • Leading brand fabrics
  • Custom made for specific requirements

Key Benefits

Polytex Bunker Tarps

Tarp Stenciling

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Tarp Stenciling

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Tarp Stenciling

Polytex uses only first quality industrial fabrics for the manufacture of all products; well-known brands including Canvacon, Tarpee & Landmark variations

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