Dam Liners


Cost-effective method to eliminate water loss.

Dams play an important role in both agriculture and mining in Australia. Dams are vital for agriculture as they store and regulate water, ensuring a stable supply for farmers through dry periods. In mining, dams provide essential water for operations and managing waste disposal (tailings).

Dam liners prevent water seepage minimising your water loss and contamination with the soil.

Polytex manufactures dam liners for a wide range of applications. Polytex uses high-quality, extremely tough and well-known brands of fabrics for dam liners and other water containment and retention applications. Superior flex, tear and crack resistance properties make these liners ideal for mining tailing dams, dairy effluent ponds, waste water ponds and more.

Standard installation of a dam liner (Contact us for advice for your specific application):

  1. Drain the dam, remove any organic matter and silt to reveal the original dam base
  2. Prepare the ground by eliminating any sharp objects and ensuring a smooth, compacted base
  3. Form a small trench around the perimeter of your dam
  4. Place a geomembrane fabric layer across the base of your dam
  5. Place the dam liner across the geomembrane fabric
  6. Fill the dam with water, allowing for slack in the liner to pull while filling
  7. Backfill the trench to secure the edges of the dam liner/tarp

Other factors should be considered depending on the size of your dam. Contact us to discuss your specific application.



  • Aquamark, Aquacon and Landmark
  • 340 – 425 gsm
  • 3–10 year UV warranty


  • Canvacon and Tarpee
  • 250 – 320 gsm
  • 3–5 year UV warranty


  • 325 – 900 gsm
  • 3-5 year UV warranty

Key Benefits

Polytex Bunker Tarps

Tarp Stenciling

Polytex Bunker Covers or Bunker Tarps can include tarp stenciling to your specifications


Tarp Stenciling

Polytex has a vast network of recommended & competent carriers Australia wide.

Polytex Ground Sheets

Tarp Stenciling

Polytex uses only first quality industrial fabrics for the manufacture of all products; well-known brands including Canvacon, Tarpee & Landmark variations

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