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Global Tarp Seal



Reliable and long-lasting Sealant

GLOBAL TARPSEAL RB is very high adhesion rubber modified membrane system designed to provide a continuous water-tight or gas-tight seal in situations where considerable structural movement of the substrate may be anticipated. The excellent waterproofing and durability characteristics of this product make it an ideal choice for polyethylene and polypropylene tarpaulin surfaces and seams for long life performance through a wide range if climatic and environmental conditions.


  • Solvent-free dispersion of modified acrylic resins
  • Viscous grey thixotropic liquid
  • Approx 70% by weight : 60% by volume
  • Avoid freezing conditions, store above +2 ͦC
  • 2+ shelf life
  • Supplied in 20 litre bucket
  • Non hazardous

Key Benefits

Polytex Bunker Tarps

Tarp Stenciling

Polytex Bunker Covers or Bunker Tarps can include tarp stenciling to your specifications


Tarp Stenciling

Polytex has a vast network of recommended & competent carriers Australia wide.

Polytex Ground Sheets

Tarp Stenciling

Polytex uses only first quality industrial fabrics for the manufacture of all products; well-known brands including Canvacon, Tarpee & Landmark variations

Grain Bunker Calculator

Grain Bunker Calculator

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