Hay Ratch-e-Tarp



Well-known Ratch-e-tarp used by hay producers Australia wide.

The Polytex Hay Ratch e-Tarp is designed for quick and easy cap protection of your hay. The simple yet effective design utilises webbing and ratchets for fast installation and easy access while providing a secure and tidy fit for short or long-term protection.

The Hay Ratch e-Tarp is 4m Wide x 14.7m Long designed to cover standard large hay bales stacked 10 bales long allowing for sufficient drop on all sides to form a ‘cap’.

Once your hay stack is in place, simply pull the Ratch e-Tarp over to form a ‘cap’ and ratchet the ends up tight. Tie the webbing down to an anchor (star stake or bale pin) at each cutout point to secure the tarp against wind. Ensure your Hay tarp is secured down tightly to prevent wind flap and get the longest use from your tarp.

The advantage of securing the tarp by the webbing through cutouts in the sleeve is that the tension is spread over the whole length of the tarp edge rather than single eyelet points, significantly reducing the chance of tearing.

To access the hay stack, simply untie one end from the anchors, release the ratchet and pull the tarp back.

The Hay Ratch e-Tarp is made from durable, waterproof, UV stabilized and crack resistant Polyethylene fabric to provide ultimate protection from the elements.

If you are looking for a full cover to the ground rather than just a cap, contact the team at Polytex to discuss your options and best practices. We do a lot of customized Hay tarps to suit different size bale stacks and would be keen to discuss your requirements.


  • 250 gsm PE or 610 gsm PVC
  •  Sleeved on all 4 sides with webbing and ratchets included
  • 4m width X 14.7m length


  • Waterproof
  • UV stabilised
  • Crack resistant
  • Fast installation and access

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