Quality Hay Tarpaulins Provide Ideal Levels of Protection

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-02-16

Commonly used in cattle shade structures and poultry curtains, tarpaulins are incredibly versatile products. Many people throughout Australia use tarps for keeping their vehicles safe from the elements. The agricultural industries rely on tarps for safeguarding crops and other produce. Farmers often use tarps for keeping their cattle and livestock safe from the elements. These tarps are invaluable because they tend to eliminate all unwanted airflows within the production areas. As such, they minimise the consumption of energy. In addition, they contribute towards enhancing the growth environment as well.

Given their manifold requirements, many businesses typically rely on Polytex Tarpaulins for obtaining high-quality tarps. We supply tarps designed especially for the poultry and pork industries. From pig shelters to livestock shade structures, our tarps provide ample levels of protection for your livestock.

In addition, we meet the agricultural and industrial requirements for quality tarps throughout the country too. Besides tarps, we specialise in the manufacture of blinds, liners and tarpaulin covers that serve a myriad of purposes. This is why we’re Australia’s leading provider of tarps today. Our tarps make for ideal eco shelters and factory dividers, among other things.