Sanitary Purposes

By: Elizabeth Horsfall

Posted on: 2016-03-29

Dirt and dust are common among factories and warehouses, even in the food industry where everything is supposed to be spic and span. Factories in the manufacturing business though, suffer more from these pollutants. For instance, a furniture factory will have wood shavings, sawdust, and other debris flying around the place. In a metal fabrication company on the other hand, particles from welding machines and sanding equipment are known pollutants. In addition to these, there is also the fumes coming from paints and oils that are floating in the air, which can be dangerous when inhaled. Moving motors like forklifts and the constant walking around of your personnel will cause the dust to fly into the air as well, and be transported to the other room. This is where factory dividers can help. Not only will they provide a great divider for sectioning your workplace, but they can also be used to keep dirt and dust from entering the area.

Industrial grade curtains like those used as grain bunker tarps and hay tarps are also great at keeping away pests from infiltrating and infesting your workplace, a very important consideration for factories that manufacture food and foo related products. Many factories have holes and openings where insects like flies, ants, or even rodents can enter. They may not be around during normal working hours, but they will surely leave some signs like fecal matters or droppings. When health inspectors arrive and see any sign of pest infestation, this will surely result in a failed sanitary inspection and may even lead to the closure of the said factory. But such infestation is not only limited to factories operating in the food industry. In the textile industry for instance, moths may enter and bore holes on the cloth and fabrics, which will render them unsellable. This will then result to lost profits for the company.

More importantly though are the health risks that are associated with these insects and rodents. Many of them will surely be carrying some form of bacteria or germs that can contaminated your products, and put your health, that of your personnel, as well as any customer who purchases the product at risk. Using chemical solutions may be able to help solve the problems, but divider curtains can help to add further protection for your factory and products. They are durable enough to prevent flies and mosquitos from entering the facility making them not only great factory dividers but as bunker tarps as well.