Saving Your Water – Stopping Loss with Dam Liners

By: polytex_admin

Posted on: 2020-08-24

In agriculture, dams are an essential source of water for irrigation, livestock, and even human consumption and cleaning. Often, many farms do not have other sources of water so ensuring that dams catch and retain adequate supply is essential. Dams can lose water in many ways, primarily through evaporation, leaky earth walls, or storm damage to the dam structure. Dam liners are one way to reduce water loss, using a tarpaulin to prevent water seepage, leaking, or evaporation. Dam liners can be made out of a few different materials, typically plastics such as polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, and polyvinyl chloride. As they are a tarpaulin, they are quite strong and puncture-resistant when thick enough.

Dam liners using a tarpaulin are great for protecting the water supply, they are waterproof so they will not allow water to seep out as porous dirt walls do. Top coverings will also prevent water from evaporating off the dam and prevent contamination of the water supply from external sources. Dam liners are vital as up to 40% of dam water can be lost through such evaporation. The plastics used to manufacture tarpaulin are non-toxic to fish and livestock, but if not cared for, broken pieces may become a choking hazard over extended time periods. Dam liners made with high-quality tarps will last for many years, retaining their effectiveness over decades with good care.

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