Polytex Tarpaulins

Polytex Tarpaulins – Premium Supplier of Big Tarpaulins for Pig Shelters

Factory owners and farmers usually require premium quality tarpaulins to meet an assortment of needs. For instance, factory owners often need big tarpaulins to serve as factory dividers. Similarly, farmers need these tarpaulins to serve as hay tarps or grain bunker tarps for keeping their agricultural produce safe.

For several years, the mining, agriculture and industrial sectors in Australia have required top class tarpaulins to meet their varied needs. Each time, they have relied on the best manufacturer of big tarpaulins i.e. Polytex Tarpaulins.

People rearing pigs or running a piggery often involves having the necessary pig shelters and equipment to keep the livestock comfortable. In the summer, it might be all right for you to let the pigs sleep in the open. However, in winters, you will need to keep your livestock protected from the cold conditions.

In addition, it is worth noting that pigs are likely to suffer sunburns on hot summer days. This is why it is essential that you invest in premium quality tarpaulins for your livestock shade structures.


Polytex Tarps is a major supplier of big tarpaulins covering all areas of agriculture, industry & mining requirements.
Polytex Tarpaulins has been manufacturing bunker covers to suit some very large stockpiles for a producer of bulk mulch produce.

The stockpiles were made into bunkers approximately 50m x 300m requiring 8 bunker covers per bunker that were 60m Wide x 40m Long. The specification requirement was for the eight covers to be joined before pulling the completed cover onto the stockpile, because of the size of the bunker cover it required a high tensile strength in the fabric yet it still had to be of a manageable weight for the tarpaulin to be pulled onto the stack; the combined weight of the completed cover being approx. 6.5tonne.

The bunker cover was pulled into place using 2 large excavators & because of the high tensile strength of the tarpaulin, the 340GSM PE poly tarpaulin was successfully pulled across the stockpiles without any tearing of the bunker cover.

Any requirement that agriculture, industry & mining may have for the covering of all manner of product whether it be grain bunker cover, cover & tarp for woodchip, sawdust, mineral sand or composting, whatever the requirement is they can be confident when supplied by Polytex Tarpaulins.
Whether a tarpaulin cover or liner is required in Tasmania or Nth QLD Polytex Tarps can keep you covered Rain, Hail or Shine.